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Bacon food cart portland

Bacon PDX


Location: NE 52nd and Sandy, Rose City Food Park
Hours: Tues-Sat, 9am-8pm; Sun, 9am-2pm

The Story: Bacon. We’ve seen bacon vodka, bacon toothpaste, bacon band-aids, bacon ice cream and more. Bacon over the last decade became as integrated in our culinary diet as corn and wheat. Now, Portland has a food cart dedicated to Bacon. I give you Bacon PDX at Rose City Food Park.

bacon food cart portland

Kalua Double Pig Sandwich from Bacon PDX

David Elkin opened the bacon focused cart in May and has been crisping up the pork ever since. Sourcing from Carlton Farms, the bacon can be had by the slice or in a sandwich or other tasty concoction. You even chose regular, thick or premium. David knows bacon. Menu offerings include bacon wrapped sweets, bacon and veggies, frittata cups made fresh daily and the kalua double pig sandwich. Two strips of bacon, a pile of kalua pig, bbq sauce, pineapple slaw served open face on a hoagie roll, this is a pork lover’s delight. Every bite is pork. I enjoyed the mix of pineapple juice with the salt of the pork. Add in the fresh cilantro with every bite and BANG!, joy. I tried to pick it up and enjoy it as a sandwich, yet it overwhelmed me and a fork and knife were required.

David has been expanding the menu and offering specials over the last month. I saw one with smoked salmon, bacon, spinach and tomato on a ciabatta roll that just rocked my world. Bacon is the focus of this cart, so drop on by, dive in and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Bacon by the strip – $1-2/item
  • Kalua Double Pig Sandwich – $9
  • Bacon & Sautéed Veggies: bacon apple kale, bacon cabbage pineapple, etc – $5
  • Frittata Cups – denver style, pipey jack, swiss guard – $4.50
  • Bacon Sweets – $1.50

Facebook: BaconPDX
Twitter; @BaconPDX


  1. Love Bacon! Great Idea for a food trailer

  2. We ate here yesterday – very good! I had the BLT, which was yummy, and my brother had the sauteed spinach, ‘shrooms, onion, and bacon (with extra bacon!) and a couple of the date-almond-bacon rolls. He’s happy to do gluten-free versions of his food. Would definitely go again!

  3. Charlie Mayer says:

    David is an intelligent and talented guy. The Kalua double pig was a delight to behold. I wish him all possible success in his endeavors.

  4. Bacon PDX closed, permanently, Oct 11, 2016. The cart has since been sold, has been relocated to Eugene, and operates under a different brand. Thank you to those who enjoyed my food offerings and supported my business efforts.

  5. Uhmmmm Deliciouss!

  6. OMG, NOOOOO! needed my bacon fix today and wanted the best BLT ever!!! Along with bacon pineapple, heart is crushed you closed!

  7. I Love Bacon!

  8. for those who are quitting smoking, the bacon brings relief 🙂

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