Gastro Mania

Gastro Mania

Gastro Mania

Location: NW 19th and Quimby
Hours: M-Sun, 11am-3pm

The Story: Looking for some grilled porchetta or a foie gras burger? Look no further than Gastro Mania, a new food truck posted up at Q19 in NW Portland.

Gastro Mania opened this past spring promoting “The Best of Mediterranean Cuisine,” yet except for the top item of a Gyro, the menu is chalk full of treats that we don’t think of as from that part of the world. Salmon Sliders, Swordfish Steak, a Porchetta sandwich and what has caught the most attention – the foie gras burger. While getting foie gras is a treat for many, I opted for the Porchetta, a monster of a sandwich with more than enough grilled pork belly and charred fat. I tend to describe porchetta as bacon wrapped pork, so use your imagination. Alex, the chef, believes he has the best porchetta in town, so I had to give it a shot. A thick layer of porchetta between a crunchy seared roll with plenty of dripping fat and butter. Crazy delicious and oh so wrong. I couldn’t put it down. Each bite, a palatable bliss. This sandwich is not for those who cut off the fat when eating steaks. You have to dive right in and clean up later. The Porchetta is served with a side greek salad with feta so you can at least claim you ate your veggies that day.

Porchetta from Gastro Mania

Porchetta from Gastro Mania

Gastro Mania is at Q19, the lot adjacent to Quimby’s where you can sit indoors and enjoy a libation while chowing down. Open daily for lunch. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Gyros – chicken or lamb – $7
  • Porchetta sandwich – $8
  • Foie Gras burger – $8
  • Salmon Sliders – $8
  • Tuna Steak served over salad – $8
  • Chicken Breast Scallopini – $8

Phone: 5036893794
Facebook: Gastro Mania



  1. Jessica Dimitrov says

    I couldn’t agree with the review more. My husband and I went there today (Sunday) and Gastro Mania was the only food cart open and boy are we glad we stopped! Alex, the owner and a legitimate gourmet chef from Bulgaria, made us a porchetta sandwich, an octopus salad and a lamb gyro to share. The sandwich was the most amazing sandwich I can say I have ever had. He makes the pork roll from scratch. The meat was perfectly complemented with an aoli mustard sauce and he added a hearty dollop of home made green chile sauce to add a bit of a bite. The bread was a toasty fresh baguette roll from Grand Central Bakery. Two weeks ago I had paid three times the price for a piece of porchetta that was a poor distant cousin to the meat on this sandwich. The lamb gyro was full of homemade, ground fresh lamb, an incredible yogurt garlic sauce and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. I am not a seafood fan, but my husband said the octopus salad was amazing. The octopus was fresh and flavorful and served on a large fresh dark green salad with a wonderful garlic-y dressing. We also had a side of his roasted potatoes. If I am ever on death row, I am going to ask Alex to cook my last meal. In the meantime, I am going to keep going back and take all of my friends with me.

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