Eat Mobile Ticket Giveaway


HamburgerEat Mobile is Sunday, April 27 and we have 2 General Admission tickets to give away. Leave a comment with your favorite food cart and why and we’ll pick a winner Thursday at 10am.

Eat Mobile is Portland’s annual food cart festival and takes place at OMSI on April 27. Presented by Willamette Week, find more details about the event here.


  1. Alex Peerenboom says:

    My favorite food cart is Che Cafe, because for the longest time before they moved, it filled a nice void of food-cart less N. Williams St. by my work. You could order online, walk 5 minutes and have delicious so easily. And it was owned by the friendliest people. I miss Che Cafe since they’ve moved to N. Lombard.

  2. Wolf and Bear’s serves up the best Middle Eastern food in town, and their employees are super nice.

  3. Alicia Van De Kop says:

    Cheese and Crack is my favorite cart ever! I adore their snack boxes and their bitters sodas.

  4. Steve Ferrero says:

    808 Grinds because the owners are great folks and they serve up delicious Hawaiian food.

  5. Celeste Summers says:

    Koi Fusion because the food is great and I’ve never had anything like it elsewhere. Also the staff is friendly.

  6. Potato Champion….because PB&J french fries!!

  7. My favorite food cart is Captured By Porches! Second place Portland Soup Company

  8. Grilled Cheese Grill because nothing beats an ooey gooey cheese sandwich!

  9. My favorite is The Cheese Plate PDX because cheese rules!

  10. Ashmanpdx says:

    Tacos Pa ‘Ella is my fave. The fish taco rocks! Best tortillas I have had in PDX.

  11. Chris Stone says:

    My favorite food cart is the Real Taste of India. They have thee best Tikka Masala I’ve found in the city.

  12. Gamila is my favorite! Love Moroccan food.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Love Belizean! Best new(ish) cart. Super tasty food with a lovely owner.

  14. Grilled Cheese Grill, we can go and have something completely different every time. Also a great place to take out of town guests. A little taste of PDX.

  15. Shanon P. says:

    My favorite is KOI Fusion. The flavors are always so vibrant and fresh. Also, I have a thing for kimchi 🙂

  16. My favorite cart in Portland is Nong’s Khao Man Gai. The combination of her authentic chicken rice and her friendly and quirky staff really making it an all-around great experience.

  17. Melissa Manier says:

    Viking Soul Food!

  18. Tristan Parker says:

    The Frying Scotsman — I’m a huge fish and chips fan and that place does it best; fresh and unadulterated, the way it ought to taste.

  19. The Flavour Spot at N Fremont & Mississippi. Great neighborhood location, good seating & the best chicken & waffles in the city. Crispy waffle, moist, tender chicken w/just a bit of heat. I love it w/the maple butter, but honey is good too. Service is fast & friendly. If you want to try it, the chicken is only available on the weekends, but they have a fine selections of other waffles too.

  20. Farm Fresh cuz I’m a a sucker for a good egg sandwich, and theirs are really original and yummy!

  21. ^Dangit, I meant FARMFOOD!

  22. THE BEST cart OF COURSE is the Big Egg. It is marvelous. I will wait for an hour for my breakfast burrito and love every minute. My father is a retired conservative diner who hates the idea of carts (he’s nuts) but I forced him to eat at Big Egg. He raved and raved- so unlike him! He even went to the window and gave them a great back handed compliment- “really terrific- and I NEVER eat at places like this!” uh. ok dad. The Big Egg melts the coldest hearts!

  23. We love Koi Fusion and would love to try some more food carts. Eat mobile sounds like an awesome event!

  24. The why?… The flavor of the meat is delicious!

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