Ooh, Pasta

Ooh, Pasta

Ooh, Pasta

Location: SE 82nd and Harney – Cartlandia
Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm

The Story: Out east, at the Ala Carts food pod on SE 102nd and Stark (This vendor moved to Cartlandia in 2014), some vendors who have called the place home since 2010. This summer, new vendors arrived and one in particular is staking their claim. Ooh, Pasta offers up not just traditional pasta dishes, they put a twist into it.

As you walk up to the cart, you’re presented by a large placard with photos of the amazing dishes this vendor sells. Photos sell food, trust me. King and Tony welcomed me with bright smiles on one of those last days of summer a week ago. Tony, the chef behind the tasty array of dishes, had been cooking mostly Thai during his career. Yet his love of food and cooking brought him to combine his experience with different cultures’ cuisines and blend them together. A pasta fusion, one could say. One example is Noodles Gone Nuts with Italian noodles and a Thai Peanut sauce. East meets west.

Wooing Asparagus Carbonara

Wooing Asparagus Carbonara

There are specific meats and vegetables that will draw me to a dish and blind me to others. In summer, it is asparagus. I simply love it and want to enjoy it with nearly every meal. At Ooh, Pasta, Wooing Asparagus Carbonara popped out. All I really saw was asparagus and a picture of a pasta dish. Penne in a heavy cream with chopped asparagus, parsley, black pepper, bacon and chicken made to order came out piping hot mouth watering smells. I stabbed at the pasta, picked up a bit of asparagus and parsley and never looked back. Cheezy, creamy, savory and fresh. A rather large portion, I was able to enjoy it later in the day with a glass of wine and some football.

I’m excited to see the vendors out there succeed even with the harsh winters they get. Unlike closer in eastside or downtown, that location gets the stronger east wind that just batters eaters and vendors alike. Good on ya all for your efforts. Ooh, Pasta is a great addition to the lot. If you’re looking for a great pasta dish, look no further. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Flirting Clam Linguini – fresh tomatoes, white onion, parsley, white wine, baby clams, garlic sauce – $7
  • Noodles Gone Nuts – broccoli, carrots, white onion, red and green pepper, linguini in Thai Peanut Sauce – $7
  • Wooing Asparagus Carbonara – $7
  • Bashful Basil Primavera – red and green bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, basil, in Thai creamy sauce w/ chicken – $7

Phone: 503 919 1449
Ooh, Pasta


  1. Christina says:

    Thank you! Thank you! This was one of the best Thai dishes I had. Loved the Noodles gone Nuts!!

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