Location: SE 52nd and Foster, Carts on Foster
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 11am-12am; Fri/Sat, 12am-2:30am

The Story: Sandwiches are my crutch. I get asked daily what my favorite vendors are, which is difficult to answer since there are so many out there who have impressed my taste buds. Yet, I find myself highlighting vendors who craft unique or extremely flavorful sandwiches. While Portland doesn’t necessarily have a signature sandwich like other cities, we do have excellent chefs making magic in the carts. Pressed is one of the newest sandwich vendors to grace our scene.

In looking at the menu, I was torn between getting the Last Sammy with salami, pepperoni, and fresh chili’s or the Reuben Stunner, their take on a classic. While perusing the menu, general manager and sandwich master Robert came out to chat. Robert, a trained chef, opened the cart earlier this summer with the goal of presenting excellent quality sandwiches and his description of the reuben sold me. Corned beef from Kansas, 60 day aged Swiss, his own cart made russian dressing and the required sauerkraut all on toasted rye bread. He even delivered it to me while I hung out in the Pod Bar. Take a look at that sandwich, stacked corned beef with the kraut mixed in. I dove in and never looked back. Many create this sandwich with equal parts sauerkraut and corned beef which overpowers many of the individual flavors. Robert used the kraut more as an accent like you would mix in a bit of horseradish to give something a zing. That technique created one of the best reubens I’ve enjoyed in awhile. Oh, and the fries had just the right dusting of salt.

Reuben Stunner from Pressed

Reuben Stunner from Pressed

Pressed is open daily for lunch through dinner and into the night, so if you’re craving a sandwich, chicken wings or maybe a peanut butter smore, they have you covered. Carts on Foster has a Pod Bar with a great selection of microbrews and ciders and indoor seating. Drop on by sometime and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • The Italian – ham, salami, Mozzarella with fries – $9
  • Last Sammy – $9
  • Reuben Stunner – $9
  • The Kimmy, PB&J & Bacon – $6
  • Fish & Chips – $12
  • Chicken Wings – 6 for $6, 12 for $11
  • Peanut Butter Smore – $5

Phone: (503) 473-5304
Facebook: Pressed
Twitter: @PressedPDX


  1. check out Sandwich Depot Deli at Cartlandia

  2. I had your Reuben sandwich & fries today, really yummy!

  3. julie wynard says:

    Il I just watched your episode on food court wars and I want to say that your food looks amazing. Unfortunately I live in Illinois and can’t sample your food but I was wondering if you could send me a t-shirt and a water bottle that you handed out at the competition. I would love it if you could send me that. My name is julie wynard and I live at 2212 henning place, Plainfield, il 60586. Thank you for your time and I am so sorry you didn’t win. I hope your business is booming and I wish I was there to taste your food! !!!

  4. Sarah morren says:

    I loved the look of your food in food court wars!!! You should make a spicy sriracha pulled chicken Sammy with sharp white cheddar and cole slaw!!!! Yum if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’m coming to you for lunch!

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