Location: SW 10th and Alder
Hours: Mon-Sat, breakfast, lunch, dinner

The Story: A true mother and son culinary story is what you find at Delicios, a new vendor serving up Romanian cuisine, a taste of Transylvania.



I have eaten at Delicios twice now and to paint a picture of their generosity, both times I was offered a bite of something freshly made in the cart. These samples aren’t small either. Lumi and Sergiu and family are who have brought this endeavor to life. Lumi, Sergiu’s mother, has been cooking for a care home they own for the last 16-17 years and even has a Romanian cookbook ready for publishing. They saw that Romanian wasn’t represented in Portland’s food scene, so launched the cart. I love how they play on the taste of Transylvania theme. No Dracula here though.

One of the first items that caught my eye at Delicios was the Covridog, a Cabanos sausage with provolone cheese wrapped in dough and baked. They are at least a foot long if not longer and served with house made sauce. The Covridog, a special treat, reminded me of childhood visits to the state fair, yet tastier. Upon second visit, I picked up the Mici (pronounced Meechee). Sausage made with 80% beef and 20% pork and their own signature spices, they hand form and then grill it and serve over fries. Impressive flavors, just watch out, it comes hot off the grill. I’ll definitely return for the schnitzel.

Mici from Dolicios

Mici from Delicios

The best part of my job is meeting owners like Lumi and Sergiu, individuals who have a passion for the food they create and are truly engaged with their customers. Before I left, Lumi handed me a Chimney cake which are made fresh daily in the cart. Dough is wrapped around a thick rolling pin with a handle and then baked in a special oven in the cart. In Romania, the tradition was to bake them over a fire, continuously turning them in order to caramelize the sugar on the outside. An afternoon treat for this eater. Check out Delicios next time you’re looking for something different or something sweet. Let Lumi and Sergiu know Food Carts Portland sent ya.


Sample Menu:

  • Mici  – $8
  • CovriDog – $4
  • Chicken Schnitzel Meal – $7
  • Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich – $7
  • Chimney Cake – $5


  1. Adrian Berea says

    OMG. excellent food. Sergiu and Marinela are very nice and friendly.

  2. Great food. My Romanian friends like it as well. Try the mici and Chimney cake.

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