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So you want to open up a food truck or cart? Good for you!

There’s so many items that go into opening a mobile food business: finding and buying a unit, customizing it, permits and fees, menu and concept development, food production, staffing, pricing, marketing, accounting…the list goes on and on.

Roam Conference will feature both a special half day Start-Up Bootcamp for those interested in starting a mobile food business, but will also feature key education tracks including a business 101 track. The chance to meet with experts, network for peer support, and Roam’s education could mean the difference between making expensive mistakes on your own, or a smooth launch and ongoing success.

One thing all aspiring mobile vendors should check out is this excellent article looking at the economics of running a food truck. A Day in the Life of a Food Truck.

There’s also this great video showing a day in the life of a mobile vendor in Ohio:

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  1. Renee Shaw says:

    I have two Woody’s Chicago Style food carts that I would like to sell, plus all the equipment. Can you direct me in the right direction to find the market for such items?

  2. Hi Renee

    Can you please contact me; i’m interested in one truck…


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