Graffiti Sandwich

Graffiti Sandwich

Graffiti Sandwich


Location: SE 48th and Woodstock
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11-7

The Story: What’s the definition of graffiti? Is it art or mischief? I’ve seen some amazing graffiti out there – a mishmash of styles and colors almost indiscernable as either a word or name or object. At Graffiti Sandwich, the chef takes traditional style sandwiches and paints his own creations.

Travis, the sandwich chef, worked his way up the restaurant food chain from sous chef in Montana to head chef in Idaho to owner of The Tartan in Coeur d’alene before coming down to Portland and building out a superb cart and opening in Woodstock. He and his wife Maureen have known each other since high school and even then were crafty. Fast forward 20 years and the cart was born. Travis needed to get back in the kitchen. Looking at the menu he offers, you see familiar looking sandwiches you may have enjoyed in the past, yet then there are subtle differences and you think to yourself – “I never thought to do that with pork belly”. His Ono Chicken sandwich, for example, started as a Japanese-Hawaiian pasta dish which he tweaked and put on a bun. Fermented black beans mixed with cream cheese and garlic soy marinated chicken. Oh, and the buns from Fluer de Lis bakery here in town are some of the best. I honestly don’t mind getting that light bit of flour from the top of the bun all over my dark shirt.

Da Nang Pork Sandwich from Graffiti Sandwich

Da Nang Pork Sandwich from Graffiti Sandwich

The Da Nang Pork is Travis’ version of a banh mi. Pork meatballs, Vietnamese slaw, cilantro, sriracha may and hoisin peanut butter make up this creation. The bun is chewy and moist, a perfect delivery device for the savory pork mixed with the spice of the sriracha and the sweet of the hoisin butter. I have enjoyed many traiditional banh mi sandwiches over the years and this modified version stands out. The flavors are so diverse and so well managed, it truly is art, not just someone throwing paint on the wall.

Graffiti Sandwich is a new player in the gourmet sandwich game here in Portland. Why Graffiti? Here is their explanation from their website:

Why graffiti? Well, we both like graffiti. We like the way it sounds. We like its double f’s and every other i and just one t. We like to take pictures of graffiti anywhere from Bushwick to Boyle Heights. And, well, Portland doesn’t really have graffiti. Until now.

Well said. I challenge you to head out to Woodstock and see for yourself the magic Travis does. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11-7, there is seating in the pod and plenty of parking in the area. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Smoked Ham & Egg: smoked ham, bacon onion jam, chive cream cheese, deviled egg and Tillamook cheddar – $7.50
  • Da Nang Pork – $8
  • Medianoche: braised pork shoulder, smoked ham, bacon onion jam, Graffiti pickles, Swiss, yellow mustard – $7.50
  • Guisado Pork: stewed pork shoulder, caramelized onions, black beans, jack cheese, lime crema and pickled jalapeno – $8
  • Dan Nang Cauliflower: spiced roasted cauliflower, Vietnamese slaw, cilantro, sriracha mayo, hoisin peanut butter – $7.50

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11-7
Phone: 503.819.5827
Facebook: Graffiti Sandwich


  1. MynamesBilly says:

    Went here a couple weeks after opening and have never been less impressed. Their Torta was absolutely flavorless and the ono chicken was strangely bitter. How he can charge what he does for sub-par junk is beyond me.

  2. Thanks for the awesome article, Brett!
    Billy, ouch. Come on by and we’ll give your money back for the sandwiches. – Maureen

  3. I’ve only eaten four of his sandwiches, but they are the best I’ve had in Portland. Everyone I have spoken to who has tried them, agrees!

  4. TacoPuta says:

    Excellent article. I’ve eaten at Graffiti several times since they’ve been open and have yet to have a bad experience. This food is top-notch and the quality of service and exceptional value is the best around. As for the comments that Billy posted above, it’s time to take your palate behind the woodshed and put a hole in its head. Graffiti’s offerings are far from “flavorless” and “bitter”. Obviously your taste hasn’t graduated to that level of appreciation, Billy. There’s a Subway down the road.

  5. mynamesisbilly says:

    I stand by my comments. My dining companion completely agrees with me. No I don’t like Subway. Unlike the rest of you I have lived in Portland my whole life and have eaten at the best sandwich places around. Eastmoreland Market,Meat,Cheese,Bread,Big Ass Sandwiches,etc. This site never has anything but fake “positive” reviews and it’s time somebody spoke the truth.

  6. dieselboi says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Mynameisbilly, I too have lived in this city all my life and truly love the food found everywhere. I really enjoyed my sandwich at Graffiti Sandwich. Not a fake statement. Here at Food Carts Portland, we don’t do critical reviews. We tell the story about the cart. Along the way, we enjoy what they have to offer.

    Thanks for continuing to support Portland’s street food scene.

  7. John Simons says:

    Don’t let a single bad review steer you away from this awesome sandwich cart. I’ve already filled up a punch card and working on my second. Very impressed, keep up the good work Graffiti!

    Also, did that comment-er really say Eastmoreland market had one of the best sandwiches in town!!?? Wow, take his review with a grain of salt, you guys.

  8. mynamesbilly says:

    Any reviewer worth a grain of salt would tell you Eastmoreland market was superior to Graffiti. Their muffaleta and calamari were in a league of their own. Too many carts get by on the fact that they are a cart and therefore considered hip or cool. The flavors just don’t stand up. I know Woodstock is a culinary wasteland but don’t settle for garbage.

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