Rockin’ Robyn’s Sassy Burger

Rockin' Robyn's Sassy Burger

Rockin’ Robyn’s Sassy Burger

Location: SE 34th and Belmont
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:30am-8pm, open later Friday/Saturday till 9pm

The Story: I’m a burger fiend. I admit it, I ate a burger this week and kept it secret. It even had bacon on it. For awhile, friends of mine and I would text photos of burger finds both in Portland and beyond. The burger for me is true American cuisine and there are some wonderful specimens right here in the Rose City. Rockin’ Robyn’s at Rose City Food Park may just be one of those you put on your go-to list.

My doctor told me I needed to lay off the burgers a couple of years ago, so I did, opting for sandwiches and ethnic cuisine, but every so often, due to the rigors of my work, I have to enjoy a tasty burger. I had heard good reports about Robyn’s burgers, so ventured out to NE Portland to check it out. Right as I stepped out of the car, the sky opened, dumping about nine gallons of rain on me. Luckily, a parka and Robyn’s awning protected me while I ordered. Robyn has history in the burger making business and jokingly has burgers in her blood. Her father owned The Igloo in Vancouver, so Robyn learned from family. She sources her beef down the street from where I grew up – The Original Steer Market on SE Division.

The Sassonator from Rockin' Robyn's

The Sassonator from Rockin’ Robyn’s

The menu at the cart is what you would expect – burgers of all types and sizes. You can get a traditional one or go crazy and get mushrooms or BBQ sauce or even a second patty. Robyn will hook you up. For me, I chose the Sassonator, a cajun spiced 1/2lb burger with Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese. I even added a fried egg to make it extra special. With one of the best in town pub buns from Portland French Bakery, fresh lettuce, tomato, thick sliced onion and the burger, I knew I was in for a treat. You know how when you first pick up a burger and stare at it longingly and maybe talk to it, telling it that soon, it will be in your belly? Yep, that was me. Once you pick it up, with the melted cheese running down your hand and juices on your chin, you don’t put it down until you’re finished. The cajun spices came through, but not overwhelming and the pepper jack with the egg were divine. An excellent burger for $7.50.

Rockin’ Robyn’s isn’t just burgers. She offers fries and sandwiches and vegetarian and gluten free options. Every lot needs a good burger and Rose City has theirs in this cart. Drop on by and let Robyn know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Rockin’ Robyn’s moved to SE Portland in June of 2014]

Sample Menu:

  • Cheap Sassy Basket – 1/4lb burger with American cheese and 1/2 order fries – $5
  • Sassy Burger – 1/2 lb burger – $5.50
  • Sassy Cheddar Burger – 1/2 lb burger with cheese – $6.25
  • Sassonator – $7
  • Psycho Sassy – 1/2lb burger with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss – $7.25
  • Rockin’ Vegan Protabella Burger – Portabella mushroom on whole grain bun – $7

Phone: 503 449 7144
Twitter: @RockinRobynsPDX
Facebook: Rockin’ Robyn’s



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