Quick & Dirty


Quick & Dirty


Location: SW Montgomery and Park
Hours: daily, 8am-2pm

The Story: Portland State has the luxury of the Portland Park Blocks that cut through the campus. Entrepreneurial food cart vendors know college students are hungry. Quick & Dirty knows they want bagels and coffee.

Quick & Dirty is the work of Roy Parr who built a cool little cart with a Colman stove and serves up a quick morning snack. With bagels from Bowery Bagel and french press or pour-over coffee from 5 Points Coffee, Roy offers an alternative to the coffee giant across the street. You’ll notice the cart is different than others around town. With new regulations that came into effect in 2012, his Class 3 cart is required to have hot and cold running water, so you’ll notice a little water heater on the side. A great design. Also, take a look at his sign. He’s spoting his NYC roots.

Everything bagel from Quick & Dirty

Everything bagel from Quick & Dirty

An everything bagel with cream cheese is a favorite breakfast food of mine and Roy chose a great partner in Bowery. If you’re in the area, drop on by and say hi. He’s there in front of the Simon Benson House daily and will expand to Saturdays once the Portland Farmers Market re-opens in March. Let him know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Bagels – $2; with schmear – $3
  • Coffee- $1.75-2.75

Web: QuickandDirtyPDX.com
Twitter: @_QuickandDirty


  1. That is not what an NYC bagel looks like. Any self respecting nyc bagel enthusiast knows a real bagel has like an inch of cream cheese between the halves.

  2. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Roy directly?

  3. margot feves says:

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Roy directly?

  4. I believe he moved. I bought his business.

  5. dch- wow! Congrats. You gonna open it back up?

  6. Margot sorry for the delayed response. I reconfigured the cart a bit. My business is Churros Locos. We sell fresh made churros. Its very part time right now. We are located across Jeld Wen Field, at the MAX station. We are there during all Timbers and Thorns games. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more info.

    Daniel H.
    Churros Locos

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