Location: Shelton, WA
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm

The Story: Dark, a bit of fog and the need to stop for smoked salmon in Taylor Towne off HWY 101 brought us to Eggrollin’! the other night. We were getting back on the highway when we spotted the sign – Got Lumpia? We didn’t, so we stopped.

Rojo from Eggrollin'!

Rojo from Eggrollin’!

Rojo Castillo stood there in the brightly lit cart on this dark night in the middle of what we would call nowhere. In the daytime, one would see he is parked next to the local drive-in movie theater which provides him steady summer business. Rojo’s story is similar to those I hear from many food cart owners. Having spent many years in another industry, he came to open the cart after a change in jobs which afforded him the opportunity to chase a lifelong dream. When he and his wife married twenty some odd years ago, he remembers talking about opening a Filipino restaurant. Twenty years later his dream came true and my belly was happy he did.

At Eggrollin’, Rojo offers lumpias, pancit bowls and chicken adobo over rice. I’m always up for trying everything, so we picked up a combo with all three items along with a veggie-tofu lumpia. A lumpia is a fried spring roll with influences from Asia but also colonial Spanish. The combo was huge, with more than I could eat in once sitting. Luckily, snacktime arrived only a couple hours later and I could finish it all off. The chicken, moist and flavorful over sticky rice. The lumpia – I could eat those for hours. Every bite was enjoyable. I wish he were closer to Portland.

Rojo has been serving up his Filipino dishes in and around the¬†Shelton and O-Lumpia area now for a couple of years, so if you’re from there, you should seek him out for your next event or catering gig. A great guy with a welcoming smile and a hearty laugh. Next time you’re on a road trip to the Olympics, take a detour off 101 and pay him a visit. Let Rojo know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Lumpia – $1 – beef, chicken, veggie-tofu or Lumpia Shanghai
  • Pancit Bowl – $5
  • Chicken Adobo over Rice – $5
  • Turon – $1
  • Combo plates range from $6-8

Phone: 360 463 9266
Facebook: Eggrollin’!


  1. The lumpias are quite delicious, when I leave I always wish I would’ve bought more.

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