Brunchbox Restaurant and Food Cart News


Winter is upon us with the cold and sunny. Luckily, we haven’t heard too many horror stories of frozen carts and closures. Here’s some news for you Cartivores.

Brunchbox announced this past week that they are opening a restaurant to expand their empire. Known for their amazing and creative burgers, they secured a spot on SW 9th between Alder and Morrison where a bento restaurant was for years. No opening date has been announced, but they are actively building out. Now you can get your Redonkadonk and sit inside. Follow @Brunchbox on Twitter for updates. The cart on SW 5th will continue to stay open.


Some new vendors on the scene:

  • Thai Udon – SW 10th and Alder
  • bone & broth – SW 9th and Alder
  • Portland Masala – SW 9th and Washington
  • La Jarochita II is opening on SW 9th and Alder where Zizzo’s use to be
  • Watch for a Mexican/Italian fusion vendor on SW 9th and Alder coming soon


If you’re getting married this summer and want food trucks or mobile vendors at your wedding, the vendors are booking their summer schedules fast. Food trucks are usually less expensive than many caterers and offer a unique Portland experience. Email us at
for details on which vendors may be available to feed your guests.

Stay warm and enjoy lunch at the carts.


  1. Not another Thai food cart, isn’t there already one on every block?

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