New Downtown Pod and Cart Changes


Some tidbits of news for you eaters out there:

SW 6th and Columbia is host to a new food cart pod. Located across from The Oregonian and Nel Centro, the lot has five vendors including the following: Rescue Bagels, E-San Thai, Aybla Grill and Love Belizean. E-San Thai moved their cart there from the Broadway location, but will be back at Broadway by US Bank with a new cart according to my sources.


Cart closures, moves and announcements

  • Nicki and Lefty’s is moving their cart from SW 3rd and Stark to The Row on SE 2nd and Oak
  • The New Yorker has opened on SW 5th and Stark selling kosher dogs and Egyptian
  • Robyn’s Burgers has opened at Rose City Food Park at NE 52nd and Sandy
  • Thai Sky us under new management and has changed their name to Thai Blossom – SW 5th and Oak
  • Briskets at Q19 has closed
  • Jonte’s Seafood at Rose City Food Park has closed.
  • Portland BBQ Company has closed their cart at SW 9th and Washington
  • Flogene’s Home Cookin’ has closed

If you hear any great gossip about the carts or know of new ones opening, please let us know so we can visit and get them up on the site. Email us at

Eat at a cart!


  1. A new cart on N.E. Cully we be opening soon.

  2. I will get you the name soon.

  3. Noooooooooooooo! Flogene’s is closed?? So sad, I loved that place.

  4. Aww man, not Briskets. Have you heard why they closed?

  5. Just tried Love Belizean for the first time. Hella good. Definitely recommend checking it out.

  6. trackofalljades says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the Salvadoran pupusas cart that was at the PSU pod until about a week ago? I was so sad when it vanished and was hoping maybe it was going to be part of this pod but it just seems to be gone. We miss our pupusas!

  7. Jonte made a really good po boy. I hope she re-opens somewhere soon. I’ll be checking the site for news.

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