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Brett Burmeister

The New Leaders Council of The City Club invites you to the first of a series, “The Why Behind the Weird” what makes Portland, well, Portland. For this segment of the series they ask, “Is Portland truly the place where young people go to retire?” What does this mean for the future of Portland? What can we do to capitalize on the innovation brought by entrepreneurs, adventurers, and innovators?

Our series will highlight the stereotypes of Portland, create dialogue, and cast light on the truth behind Portlandia. Remember the video and song “I Dream of the 90s – Portlandia?

The expert panel: Greg Schrock and Jason Jurjevich of Portland State discuss their research on the economic landscape, Crispin Argento, Owner of Pino, and Brett Burmeister of Food Carts Portland, discuss their perspectives and insights on the economic landscape of Portland and its entrepeanurial spirit.

Free for City Club Members, $5 for Non-Members. Please RSVP to Purchase tickets here. This event is brought to you by the New Leaders Council and through the generous support of Steven Rosenbaum, President of Pop Art.


I’ll be on the radio talking all things food carts on Sunday, December 2. Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki airs on KPAM 860 from 9-11am. I should be on around 10am if you want to tune in.


Kim Jong Grillin’ is back, but this time with a restaurant. The winner of the Judges prize at Eat Mobile in 2011, Han Ly Hwang returned to his food cart that night to find it in flames and never re-opened. Now, after some challenges, they are ready to open Bhap Sang, a Korean BBQ restaurant, but they need a little bit more help funding it. Han launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final capital.


Winter and the Holidays are here and that means food cart closures. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a trend where some carts close for an extended winter break. With sales dropping off since summer, it sometimes doesn’t make sense to stay open. Other carts may just take a week or a few days during Christmas/New Years. If the weather turns cold, many will not open due to mechanical issues or frozen water tanks. If you’re planning a trip to your favorite cart, be sure to check their Facebook, Twitter or website to make sure they are open. Many have published phone numbers also. If you find your favorite cart closed, don’t fret, there is usually another cart close by who would love your business and has great food. Thanks for continuing to support Portland’s street food vendors.


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