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Pizza Box

Pizza Box



Location: SE 9th and Oak at Base Camp Brewing
Hours: Sun-Wed, 11:30am-9pm; Thurs-Sat, 11am-12am

The Story:

Pizza. God’s food. That and burgers seem to have been all I ate in high school and college. I can’t believe how we would order Domino’s and actually time them for the 30 minute challenge. Youth! As I grew older, the glory of enjoying good ‘za with a beer changed the game. While Portland has some excellent pie, Pizza Box is a cart at a brewery. Now that’s progress.

Gretel is the name of the wood fired brick-oven inside Pizza Box. It is also the name of a pepperoni, bacon and sausage pie. I like Gretel. The cart, originally located off 82nd and Woodstock, relocated this fall to the new Base Camp Brewing. Since the brewery only has a taproom, they wanted to offer some food options for their patrons and what’s better with your IPL than a good pizza. A match made in marinara sauce.

Margherita Pide

Margherita Pide

Wood fired, brick-oven pizza has become the new level set for many. I too am convinced the wood fire adds something special to the pie. Pizza Box offers 12″ neo-napolitano pies with numerous combinations. All pies can be made vegetarian or vegan, but no substitutions. One can go big with the supreme – sausage, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms and a side pepperoncini. Or you can go traditional with the classic cheese – a proprietary blend. Every pie can be made into a Pide, a different take on pie which looks like a pizza boat and is only $6. I ordered the margherita Pide and dove in. The crust, perfectly charred, laid the groundwork for a wonderful little dish. Layers of basil, mozzarella, olive oil and tomato sauce provide an excellent bite each and every time. They nailed it.

Pizza Box is open daily at the brewery. You can enjoy your pizza with a beer or take it to go. Next time you have that craving, drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Margherita – fresh Mozzarella and basil – $12
  • Marinara – marinara, roasted garlic, oregano – $9
  • Classic Cheese – $10
  • Veggie Deluxe – artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, roma tomatoes, black olives, roasted red pepper, onions, mushrooms – $12
  • Pepperoni – pepperoni and cheese – $10
  • Supreme – sausage, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms – $12
  • Gretel’s Pie – pepperoni, bacon, sausage – $12
  • PBBP – cart made pesto, bacon, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cheese – $12

Hours: Sun-Wed, 11:30am-9pm; Thurs-Sat, 11am-12am
Phone: 503 683 3154
Facebook: Pizza Box

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