The Honey Pot Robbed, Eaters Unite

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot

Sad news hit our mailbox on Saturday that The Honey Pot at Good Food Here had been broken into and robbed of their holiday sales on Friday night. Mary Sheridan, the owner and sole breadwinner for her family had worked a hard week to bake and sell her pies and other goods to Thanksgiving eaters. With winter coming, loosing that kind of sales is crushing, along with the pies the thieves took.

There is a silver lining to this story though. Since she posted to Twitter and Facebook, over the weekend, anonymous donors here in Portland have donated more than enough to help her though this difficult time. All donations that were above what Mary lost are being donated to charity. Portland, you’re awesome. The Honey Pot is at Good Food Here on SE 43rd and Belmont and Mary is one great baker. Drop on by, support a local business and help her out. We’ve seen a rash of power cord thefts and now a break-in. This is the time to make that extra trip to support your local food cart.

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