Food Cart Moves, Closures and News


With fall, we’re seeing more and more carts making the decision to close or move to new locations. Here is the latest we have discovered in the last month or so:

Cart Moves:

  • Ramy’s Lamb Shack is moving from Cartlandia to the Hillsdale Food Park. He also has a new truck up at Rose City Food Park.
  • The Sugar Shop has moved from Cartlandia to Rose City Food Park
  • Captured by Porches has moved their bus from D-Street Noshery to SE 28th and Ankeny
  • Wolf and Bear’s has moved from SE 20th and Morrison to SE 28th and Ankeny
  • Roshambo has moved from D-Street Noshery to SE 50th and Lincoln
  • Koi Fusion has moved their cart from D-Street Noshery to The Row on SE 2nd and Oak
  • Fuego de Lotus has moved from D-Street Noshery to SE 28th and Ankeny

Cart Closures:

  • Istanbul Delight has closed for the winter. Watch for them next spring.
  • Baily’s Gourmet Dogs has closed.
  • Stoked BBQ has closed
  • Blues City Biscuits is closed
  • Kula Kart is closed
  • Olympic Hot Dogs is closed
  • Home Grown Smoker has closed their cart at PSU. Their cart at Mississippi Marketplace is still open.
  • Breakfast Lunch Today is closed
  • Crust and Common Pie Shop is closed


The lot at SE 28th and Ankeny is quickly turning into a bonifide pod. Grilled Cheese Grill has been there now for awhile with their awesome double decker London bus. In the past week, Captured by Porches, Wolf and Bear’s, Fuego de Lotus and Vintage-a-Go-Go have moved to the lot. The lot hasn’t been named yet, submit your suggestions on Twitter to @GrildChzGrill.


The Row is now open down on SE Oak between 2nd and 3rd. Big-Ass Sandwiches, Koi Fusion, Pyro Pizza, Potato Champion and Whiffies Fried Pies are open and serving from lunch throught the dinner hours. Burgatroyd will be moving there from Mississippi Marketplace this month. Don’t fret, the vendors from Cartopia still have their carts open there for your late night cravings.


Captured by Porches has outfitted a cart and are serving their craft beer at Rose City Food Park on the weekends. In other beer news, Good Food Here at SE 43rd and Belmont also now has beer and are building a new covered space.

Stay warm and keep eating at food carts.



  1. We are still up and running Mon-Fri. 10:00-4:00 serving our Porklandia and all our other great dogs sausages and sandwiches. At 5th. And Harrison. P.S.U. parking garage.

  2. Any word on if Angel’s Cabana closed? They’ve been closed everytime I’ve walked past the last few weeks. Bummer if they did, their baliadas and horchata were delicious.

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