Roadrunner BBQ

Brett Burmeister
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RoadRunner BBQ

Location: SE 52nd and Foster, Carts on Foster
Hours: Thurs-Sun, 11am-6pm

The Story:

When I first set eyes upon the Roadrunner BBQ truck, I questioned whether they were serious about BBQ or about having some fun. The bright red truck is adorned with a full size Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons. But, Roadrunner BBQ has made a name for itself and I was eager to taste some good Q.

RoadRunner arrived in Portland over a year ago and has been at Carts on Foster for at least a few months. Jimmy, the owner, is a Dallas native and admits he’s not a chef, but a meat cutter. I think knowing how to break down a cow qualifies one to cook it. With mesquite from Mexico, Jimmy smokes his brisket for 12-14 hours before he feels it is right to serve. Now that’s dedication. Learn patience young man were Jimmy’s parting words.

bbq food cart portland

Chopped Brisket Sandwich From RoadRunner BBQ

Brisket is what’s in store when visiting the red truck. While he does offer smoked pork butt, four of the six items on the menu are brisket. You can get a sandwich or a plate, chopped or sliced. A chopped brisket sandwich for me! I want to dive into the fatty bits and taste the salty chewy crust. Jimmy doesn’t skimp. I swear there was at least 1/2 lb of chopped brisket there and every bit of it was a salty, meaty moist delight. A sign of brisket well done is the red between the inner meat and the crust and Jim had that spot on.

Portland has some great vendors who do excellent BBQ, but RoadRunner BBQ has raised the bar. If you’re a BBQ fan, you need to head out there and try what Jim has to offer and judge for yourself. Located at SE 52nd and Foster, the lot now has indoor heated seating and a pod bar with beer and wine. Drop on by and let Jimmy know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample menu:

  • Sliced Brisket Plate with 2 sides – $10
  • Chopped Brisket Plate with 2 sides – $9
  • Pork Butt Plate with 2 sides – $9
  • Chicken Breast Plate with 2 sides – $7
  • Sliced Brisket sandwich  -$7
  • Chopped Brisket sandwich – $6
  • Chopped Pork Butt sandwich – $6
  • Sides, $1.50 each – potato salad,creamy cole slaw, baked beans, mac & cheese

Hours: Thurs-Sun, 11am-6pm
Phone:503 310 2837


  1. Johnny Blaze says:

    I love this spot, I come here about once a week to get my “brisket fix” from JImmy. The sliced brisket it always my favorite, great smoke ring, it really shows that he smokes his stuff for 12-14 hrs. Don’t forget to take home some of his awesome BBQ sauces! Can’t go wrong with the ‘HOT’ bbq sauce, just the right amount of heat without taking away from the bbq flavor… Out of all the BBQ spots in PDX this is far and beyond my favorite.

  2. Do they do burnt ends??

  3. dieselboi says:

    There were some bits of burnt ends in my chopped brisket sandwich. Drop on by and ask Jimmy.

  4. Jimmy makes the best BBQ in Portland!

  5. I have been going and eating Jimmy’s BBQ since i met him in February, he was just starting his truck & was on the corner of 115th & division s.e. and too he told me then i am not a chef i am a meat cutter, his Brisket if mmm good, sounds like he is doing good at his new location go Roadrunner

  6. On this recommendation I made the long trek this weekend to the cart and it was completely worth it!! Best brisket I’ve had anywhere period! Highly recommended!!

  7. The beef brisket sandwich had enough meat for two or three sandwiches! Delicious and a lot of bang for my buck. The mac n’ cheese is also good. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

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