Location: NE 52nd and Sandy, Rose City Food Park
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-7:30pm

The Story:

A new food cart lot has launched up on NE Sandy – Rose City Food Park. A few favorites have already moved there, but some newcomers are here to stake a claim. Garcelon’s Soup and Grilled Cheese opened just a couple of weeks ago.

Garcelon’s was opened by James Garcelon who has launched his next adventure after spending more than a few years inventing stuff we use everyday. When we asked him what he invented, he was a bit cagy with the “I can’t divulge that” line. A bit mysterious, but after enjoying some soup samples, I realize the food is what’s important here.

bct combo and 10 bean soup from Garcelon's

bct combo and 10 bean soup from Garcelon’s

The combination of a grilled sandwich and hot soup reminds me of winter sweaters, sitting at the adult table and short days. While also enjoyed in summer, for me, it’s a winter treat just like all things pumpkin. At Garcelon’s, James makes at least 3-4 different soups daily along with his vast list of grilled cheese sandwiches. The day we visited, we tried 10 bean, split pea and cream of tomato basil. All excellent and piping hot. For sandwiches, I wanted something both traditional, but unique and landed on the bct combo, a bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich grilled. I love his tagline next to it – “because cooked lettuce is gross.” I paired it with the 10 bean soup, sat down at the picnic tables and started dipping. The sandwich had a generous amount of crispy bacon, always a crowd favorite. The Swiss melted throughout to bind the tomato, bacon and bread together. The soup? BOOM! A hearty mix of ham chunks, beans and broth. Great for dipping.

Garcelon’s is open weekdays from 10am-7:30pm so you can easily grab lunch or dinner. They use only compostable service ware and will take orders over the phone. Drop on by, check out the new lot and Garcelon’s and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • a lil love combo – sharp cheddar and sour dough with a bowl of cream of tomato basil soup – $6
  • hippie chick combo – smoked turkey, provolone and pesto on multigrain with bowl of soup – $6.50
  • fire in the hole combo – pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapenos on choice of bread with bowl of soup – $6.50
  • ernie combo – ham and Swiss on marble rye with a bowl of soup – $7
  • bct combo – bacon, cheese, tomato with bowl of soup – $7.50
  • green party combo – cheese, avocado and pesto on multigrain bread with bowl of soup – $7.50
  • soup of the day – bowl, $3.50; pint, $5, quart, $10

Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-7:30pm
Phone: 5038934272
Facebook: Garcelon’s
Twitter: @Garcelons


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