Pupuseria la Flor

Pupuseria la Flor

Pupuseria la Flor

Location: NE 181st and Glisan
Hours: Weekdays and weekend, lunchtime

The Story:

Recently, Portland has added numerous pupuserias to the food cart rolls in every quadrant of the city. A couple have actually been incubators for others to learn Portland’s food cart system and start their own. I love that! While out east searching for new carts and trucks, I came upon Pupuseria la Flor and had a chat with the owners.

Ericka and her mother Floridalma opened the cart a few months ago, but ran into some issues with the location and whether they were in Portland or Gresham. While the City of Gresham is in Multnomah county (the board of health licenses food carts), the city has additional regulations regarding street vendors that sometimes make it difficult to do business there. Ergo, they moved the cart to the new location which is Portland and they’re glad they did. They have setup a covered area with table and chairs so when it is either sunny or rainy, you can sit down and enjoy your meal.

Pupusa Chicharron

Pupusa Chicharron

The menu at Pupuseria la Flor has churascos, platanos, empanadas and enchiladas along with pupusas. Having learned how they are made this past year, I had a great conversation with Flor with Ericka translating. She was genuinely surprised I knew how they were made and proceeded to make me a chicharron con queso pupusa even though I had eaten recently. I’m glad she did. I love how the chicharron is mixed throughout the dough and then grilled. The queso, a Mozzarella, is stringy and simple and keeps everything together. Dribble on a bit of hot sauce and you have a nice little snack.

Ericka calls her mother Flower and every time I looked over to her she was beaming with a smile that I compare to a blooming rose. She loves to cook and loves to tell others about the dishes she makes. If you live out east, drop on by the mini mart on NE 181st and Glisan and give Pupuseria la Flor a try. You won’t be disappointed. Let them now Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pupusas: pork with cheese, cheese or a mix – $2.50
  • Churascos: flour tortilla with steak, red salsa and vinegar cole slaw – $3.50
  • Yuca con Chicharon: yuca with pork – $3.50
  • Platanos: plantains – $3.50

Hours: daily for lunch and afternoon
Phone: 503 957 9393




  1. Thank you for realizing there are actually food carts in east Portland!!!

  2. Incredible pupusas! Great Service! Flor is able to make things that are not on the menu. If you call ahead of time, she will have your food ready so you can enjoy it at the tables or take home. Not on menu secret: fried yucca. Yum!

  3. Thanks for comments please come again will have a free meal, thsnks to ur coments.

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