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Location: NW Quimby and 19th (Q19 Pod)
Hours: Mon-Fri  11:30 am – 3pm

The Story: Although I consider myself fairly well versed in cuisines familiar and obscure, I’m not super familiar with Himalayan Food. Yes, we know “Himalayan Food” does not refer to a single country or culture, although yes, it is often food from Nepal, Tibet, parts of India, and even the tiny country of Bhutan.  Certainly there must be regional differences in the loosely coined “Himalayan Food” just as much as there are regional differences in the foods of, say Italy or China.

Thank goodness for Google to get me up to speed on this wonderful cuisine. There are, judging from the excitement we hear from Portland food lovers whenever the words “Himalayan Food” are mentioned, quite a few Himalayan food fans out there. And it is indeed a tasty cuisine with influences from China, India, the Middle East and even SE Asia. All our favorite cuisines rolled into one!

Thukpa – A traditional beef noodle soup from Himalayan Cuisine.

Enter the straightforward named Himalayan Food cart in Portland. This clean and austere white cart is indeed straightforward in both décor and food, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The menu is small and simple, but contains freshly made vittles with wonderful heady spice-route seasonings: Rice and Vegetable Plates (meat can be added if you wish), Stir Fry Noodles, and a traditional noodle and meat soup known as Thukpa.

Momos – Traditional Himalayan Cuisine Dumplings.

What the Himalayan Food cart seems to have though that everyone loves: MOMOS! Just letting the words roll off the tongue is a delight. Let’s all say it together MOE-MOE. These round dumplings, a bit bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a racquetball, are the cousin to what most people know as Chinese potstickers, with seasonings that run more akin to the flavors of Northern Indian food . Stuffed with meats or veggies, the Momos here are steamed, hearty, and come as either Lang-Sha Momo (minced beef and vegetable with herbs) or  Shogok Momo (potato with herbs). Served with a side salad, and a traditional zippy red chili laced sauce known as Achar sauce, the plate of 8 Momos is quite generous here and makes for a filling lunch.

We are constantly blown away by the new discoveries daily in Portland’s always growing and changing food cart scene. Himalayan Food, another great cart bringing terrific foreign foods to Portland.

Sample Menu:

  • Lang-Sha Momo – beef and vegetable dumplings – $6.95
  • Shogok Momo – potato and vegetable dumplings – $6.95
  • Chow Chow – fried noodles and veggies (chicken or vegetarian) – $6.50
  • Thukpa – beef and veggie noodle soup – $4.90

Hours: Mon–Fri 11:30 am–3 pm


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