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Location: N Williams at Shaver
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm; Sat/Sun, 10am-2pm

The Story:

When you grow up on a farm, you learn fresh homemade food makes the day. We’ve all heard the phrase farmer’s breakfast and I’ve indeed enjoyed a few. A Woodrow’s, Craig brings his culinary experience and some homemade gems to the window.

Woodrow, Craig’s grandfather inspired the name for the cart and was the farmer in this story. Craig started out in catering and living in the food truck desert city of Chicago, Portland became a beacon to try his hand at his own establishment. It only took one visit for him to be convinced the truck was the next adventure. On opening, Woodrows scored a second coup by landing in the lot next to Sound Roots School of Music which offers picnic tables and a steady stream of customers.

Breakfast Sandwich from Woodrows

Breakfast Sandwich from Woodrows

Woodrow’s mission is to bring us back to simpler times before our food became genetically modified, hydrogenated, filled with high fructose, hormones and antibiotics. The breakfast sandwich I enjoyed exemplified that. Fresh cart made bread was the basis for the egg, veggie sausage and cheese mixture inside. Almost like a light focaccia, the bread made the sandwich a work of breakfast art. In speaking with Craig, he let me know the breakfast wrap is made from their own homemade tortillas. That will be my next visit. I ordered my breakfast sandwich plain Jane, but you can add caramelized onions, crimini mushrooms, green onions and any assortment of seasonal veggies to any dish. Also, Woodrow’s offers their own Tractor sauce, a blend of roasted red peppers, cilanto and lime; about a 3 on the hotness scale.

Craig pointed out something I tell people almost daily. The street food scene is so dynamic, one can do simple hand food, hearty complicated cuisine, ethnic fare, deep fried items and so on. The diversity in Portland lends to success and now with their truck they can offer healthy breakfast and lunch options for the eaters looking for something new. And yes, Woodrow’s offers lunch in the form of Panini’s. Check out this new truck up off N Williams and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Granola – walnuts, almonds, dried fruit, coconut, oats, agave and coconut oil baked to perfection – $5
  • Baked goods like muffins or biscuits made fresh daily – $1.75-2.50
  • Coffee from Coava – 12oz, $1.50; 16oz, $2
  • Fritatta – $6; add meat or veggie sausage, $1
  • Vegan Scramble – $6
  • Egg and Cheese Sandwich – $4
  • Breakfast Wrap – $4.50
  • French Toast – $4
  • Ham and cheese Panini on house-made rosemary-garlic bread – $6.50
  • Chipotle Turkey Panini: turkey and bacon nestled between house-made chipotle spread and cheddar cheese – $7
  • Roasted Veggie Panini: seasoned eggplant and roasted red peppers and herbed chevre – $7

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm; Sat/Sun, 10am-2pm
Phone: 773 726 4645
Facebook: WoodrowsPDX
Twitter: @WoodrowsPDX




  1. Breakfast food carts seem to be cropping up more and more all over the place. Nice to see some healthier options other than just the regular bacon ‘n cheese sandwiches as well…the granola sounds great, and I appreciate you listing the sample menu!

  2. This food cart is great for breakfast and lunch, coffee is great as well. Go out and try it, you wont regret it and most likely will end up a regular (or wishing you lived close enough that you could be a regular).

  3. You’re right…too bad they’re not closer to downtown!

  4. Anyone know what’s happened to Woodrow’s? He was closed every time I went by for a while and now he’s just gone!

  5. It is my understanding that they are looking to open a restaurant.

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