Pink and Black Waffle Shack

Lizzy Caston

Location: 5429 NE 30th Ave
Saturday/Sunday 9am-3pm

The Story: Bow-chicka-wow-wow! Anyone remember that over-the-top brothel scene in the Tim Burton movie, Beetlejuice? Well, I can imagine Pink and Black Waffles with its aptly decorated burlesque inspired styling, complete with bright blinking electric OPEN sign, would be exactly where Beetlejuice gets his waffles post visit to those ghoulish and garish ladies of the night.

The young lady running Pink and Black Waffle Shack on the day I visited was not ghoulish or garish in the least though, just dressed in a color scheme to match her cart’s namesake, with a little bling make-up for added glamor. She made an effort people, and hats off to her for caring as much about her style as she does about her waffles.

It seems people fall into two camps when it comes to batter breakfasts – there are pancake people, or there are waffle people. Portlanders as a collective city seem to love both equally. But, Waffles and Food Carts appear to be a natural fit and Portland waffle carts love getting creative with the flavors and toppings both savory and sweet.

Pink and Black does not appear interested in early morning, or even mid-morning waffles for the early go-getter crowd, and opened on a leisurely noon on the Friday I swung by, but no matter. Waffles are fine for lunch as well as breakfast. This was no slacker’s careless waffles, however. A lot of thought and care goes into the creations at Pink and Black.

The waffle combos are INSPIRED and even a bit outrageous, and outrageous in a good way. While the savory waffles, such as the Heartbreaker (a cheese, bacon “wafflewich” with spicy mayo) will satisfy, it’s the sweet waffles that show off this cart’s love of all things sugary and cream. Take the PDXXX: Nutella, almond butter, whipped cream, toasted coconut, and a cherry on top. Whoa dudes. Or, I tried the Monkey Biz: a big mess o’ open faced thick Belgian waffle smothered with salted caramel, banana sauce, banana slices, fresh whipped cream, and an almost praline like granola. I left with a serious sugar buzz that lasted all afternoon. From what I could gather, waffles at Pink and Black are the thick Belgian kind, not the thin American kind, in case that sort of thing matters to you.

Did this inspire the Pink & Black Waffle Shack? (from the movie Beetlejuice)

I have a hunch this cart likes waffles as well as substances that might perhaps give one the munchies for said waffles. With menu item names such as the Pineapple Kush and Wake n’ Bake, Pink and Black would probably do a booming business setting up next to one of Portland’s proliferating marijuana clinics.

Alas, you don’t need to be into “the green” to enjoy shelling out a little green for a Pink and Black Waffle. They are a satisfying treat no matter your indulgence of choice. Pink and Black Waffle Shack – adding to Portland’s Food Cart diversity and creativity.

Sample Menu:

  • Plain Old Waffle with add-ons (an extra $0.50) bacon, cheese, almond butter, Nutella, whip, berries, specialty syrups – $3
  • BLT Wafflewich – bacon, tomato, Romaine Lettuce on a waffle – $5.50
  • Bacon, Egg, Cheese waffle – $5.50
  • Sexy Time – strawberries and whipped cream, optional powdered sugar/toasted coconut – $4.50
  • PDXXX: Nutella, almond butter, whipped cream, toasted coconut, and a cherry on top – $5.50
  • Monkey Biz – salted caramel, banana sauce, banana slices, fresh whipped cream, granola on top – $5.50

Facebook: Pink and Black Waffle Shack


  1. Now Open for Breakfast!
    M-F 7:30am-10:30am

  2. Sadie is moving! Starting the second week of September 2012 she will be open at her new location at 13th & Alberta. Last days at 9th & Washington will be Aug. 29/30th.

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