Salvadoran Pupusas and Tamales

Food Carts Portland

SW 4th and Hall (PSU)
Mon – Fri, 11am – 2pm

The Story: Pupusas from El Salvador! This cart is straightforward – serving, you guessed it, pupusas El Salvador style as well as tamales. Besides a few canned drinks, that’s it. And that’s all they need to do.

Pupusas are so revered in El Salvador they even have their own song. Gulp, but what if I don’t know what a pupusa even is? Don’t fret little ones, Pupusas are as easy as uno, dos, tres…thick, soft corn flour tortilla filled with some of the following: cheese, pork, refried beans, and/or vegetables, and grilled to perfection. Sounds simple, right? But like most simple foods, in deft hands, pupusas become crave worthy comfort food. And this cart delivers exactly that.

The pupusas are filling, yet as my dining companion commented, “not at all greasy”, and one is enough for a light lunch. The tamales here come in chicken or pork, wrapped in a banana leaf for extra flavor and are generously sized at $2.00 each.

A combo plate with a pupusa and tamale, and a beverage will run you a happy $5.00. A bargain!

We didn’t catch the names of the two women running this cart, but we did catch their big warm smiles and enthusiasm. “Please let us know how you like our food”, the pretty brown eyed pupusa seller told us, “we are just starting out.” Well, we’ll tell you – we like your food and cart very much, thank you. Everything seems made with love and care, and that makes all the difference between merely good food, and simply great food such as this. Welcome to Portland’s cart scene Salvadoran Pupusas and Tamales. We wish you the best.

Sample Menu:

  • Pupusas: Cheese, Cheese and Zucchini, or Revueltas (beans, cheese, pork) – $2.50
  • Tamales: Chicken or Pork – $2.00

Hours: Mon – Fri, 11am-2pm



  1. Elena Franco says:

    Greetings from El Salvador ! I am very happy that pupusas are selling in the US, it’s the more delicious food that you could eat! taste it please.

  2. Ina wheelchair, is there a place to sit and stay dry. Need actual street address when using lift bus. Have friend from el salvado, learned about Central American food from old neighbor from Nicqura a(?)spelling. She made a dish where cooked pork chunks in accohtte and water. Served over cold cabbage salad and fried yucca. Sound familiar?

  3. trackofalljades says:

    Where did you ladies go? We miss you at PSU!

  4. Where did you guys move to?!

  5. Lisa Wittorff says:

    Are you coming back? We need our pupusas!

  6. Fatima went to Madras to bring pupusas to the people of Central Oregon. Look them up if you head that way.

  7. Update: The purveyor that used to run this cart is now in Madras, she has opened a place called La Salvadorena at 538 SE 4th Street. I went there for the first time last weekend and the pupusas and other food is outstanding. Stop by if you are traveling through the area.

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