Pupuseria La Miguelena

Pupuseria la Miguelena

Pupuseria la Miguelena

Location: SE 82nd and Harney, Cartlandia
Hours: weekdays, lunchtime into afternoon

The Story:

I was first introduced to Salvadorian pupusas last summer at La Cocina de Chepe. While there, I met Zoyla, the pupusa master making her magic in the kitchen. I was happy to see her in her own cart that opened in April.

Zoyla hails from San Miguel and makes the traditional pupusa El Salvador is known for. You can see a video of her creating the dish here. At her cart, you get the same amazing dish, but now she is in control. I enjoyed chatting with her about her transition from employee to cart owner with her friend Ed doing a bit of translating. If Zoyla didn’t understand, she would ask us both to teach her the English. All this while she crafted the dough and ingredients and threw the pupusa on the flattop. She has made so many of these, she can do it in her sleep and they are still amazing. Such a warm smile, I’m overjoyed to see Zoyla out on her own.

Along with pupusas, you can enjoy other Salvadorian dishes like yuca con chicharron, platano frido or tamales Salvadorenos. I was all about the pupusas, so picked up a cheese, a cheese and bean and a cheese and loroco. Loroco is made from a flower that blooms in El Salvador. I devoured these guys and wished I had ordered more to have another day. ForĀ  hand food at a low price, pupusas may just become a go-to food for me.

Zoyla’s cart, Pupuseria La Miguelena is now open at Cartlandia out on SE 82nd and Harney. Along with 20 other carts and a beer garden, she serves up her dishes daily and on weekends during the lunch hour and beyond. Drop on by and congratulate her on opening her own cart and let her know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pupusas – $2.50
  • Yuca con Chicharron – $5.50
  • Platano Frito – $5
  • Bistec Encebollado – $7
  • Tamales Salvadorenos – $2

Hours: weekdays and weekends for lunch and more
Phone: 503 804 3653




  1. Bertha Pearl says

    Congratulations Zoyla…altho it is a trek out there, I loved your pupusas @ Chepe’s, so I will be getting out to cartlandia, to have them!

  2. very excited, hope you guys can have a cart much closer in, tons of people would love it!

  3. omar arguello says

    Felicidades… Zoyla “mera mera” de las pupusas!

  4. Best Salvadorian food in Portland!!

  5. Bertha Pearl says

    We came by today @ around 1:30, and you were closed..sad, sad, sad…we did try the british pasty, which was delicious…but I will call next time.

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