Ebla Seafood Grill

Elba Seafood Grill

Ebla Seafood Grill

SW 5th and Oak
Hours: M0n-Sat, lunchtime

The Story:

One thing about the lot at 5th and Oak is that the food options may change over the years, but the carts stick around. Some have been there awhile. Ebla Seafood Grill has opened in a cart that has seen numerous owners but has had a full makeover.

Saied Samaiel, the owner of the Aybla Grill carts that dot the landscape acquired the cart last year and pulled it off the lot to do a full refit. If you’ve seen any of his bright yellow carts, you’ll know his team does exceptional work outfitting them as professional kitchens. The stainless steel shines bright.

Red Snapper Caesar Salad

Red Snapper Caesar Salad

Ebla Seafood Grill launched in March with a simple menu of fish and chips, grilled fish and Ceasar salads. Saied takes fresh wild pacific red snapper, lightly seasons it and grills it. You can order it as a sandwich or atop the Ceasar salad which is the route I chose. A huge salad of romaine mixed with Ceasar dressing and Parmesan with three good sized pieces of grilled snapper. The snapper is excellent with a light crust that showcases the fish without masking it in too much seasoning. Overall, a great meal.

Ebla Seafood Grill is now open to serve you lunch throughout the week including weekends. They have hand cut fries and will also be serving fresh salmon regularly. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Fish and Chips with slaw – $8
  • Grilled Fish Sandwich w/ roasted garlic aioli, slaw and Caesar salad – $8
  • Caesar Salad with Grilled Snapper – $8
  • Hand Cut Fries – $3

Hours: M0n-Sat, lunchtime
Contact: unknown


  1. I had the fish and chips with red snapper. The fish was quite good. Very flavorful, not “fishy” tasting, and the coating used on it was tasty. I noticed that the cook cut open the fish and returned it to the fryer briefly, so the fish I got (which was a huge piece) was cut partially open. Presumably this was because it was not cooked all the way the first time he pulled it out, so although I found myself questioning this, I’d rather have a thoroughly cooked piece.

    The meal also came with cole slaw, fries, ketchup, tartar sauce (or something similar anyway), and a lemon slice. I appreciated the addition of both condiments and the lemon, all of which tasted fine (I don’t like it when fish and chip places skimp on the lemon, which is crucial to the cleanup process especially).

    The cole slaw was lack luster… fairly bland, and limp. The limpness was not encouraging since, being made of cabbage, this might mean it wasn’t made that recently. It wasn’t bad exactly but not great. The fries were home cut, almost “steak” fries, of the thick, slightly mealy sort (not thin and crispy) the kind where you can definitely taste the potato. The potato they were made from was also on the bland side though, so I favored the pieces with skin which had more flavor.

    On the whole, the amount of fish was very good, and the fish itself was delicious. The fries were too numerous (I didn’t eat them all) and this might be an area where costs could be reduced, since an 8 dollar meal is getting up there in the food cart world, and the fish is the real star. Due to the fries and cole slow not being that impressive I will probably try the salad & fish next time, because the fish was definitely worth coming back for, and was fresh and flavorful.

    It was also very aromatic (I thought, in a very good way, though one coworker compared the smell to wet cat food). So if you are a more considerate person than I, you might think twice about eating it in the office. On the plus side, everybody far and wide knew I had fish and I mentioned where I got it from, so good advertising 😛

  2. Best Fish-N-Chip cart so far! But that is subjective, and everybody is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is WRONG! Seriously though, really good fish, lighter breading, much thicker cut, and multiple choices of kinds, and preparations, can even get a grilled fish salad. Not nearly as oily/greasy as other fish-n-chip places. Fries and coleslaw could use improvements.

  3. I love this cart. I’m sorry it took me so long to try it, but now I’m a regular. The snapper fish sandwich is awesome. It comes on a great ciabatta roll, with romaine and slaw as well, and comes with a side caesar salad. I think it’s a great deal for $8. As the first response noted, the fish is great!

  4. Polina Perju says:

    Awesome Food! I had salmon sandwich with salad. 5 STARS!!!

  5. My favorite food cart. I’m a pescatarian and eat a lot of fish and this is one fabulous fish sandwich. And good Ceasar too. I hit it for lunch every time I visit from Seattle and I usually skip dinner because I’m still full.

  6. As an update, the Caesar salad with red snapper is definitely the way to go here. It’s amazing, and the fish is always incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked. The only thing I can say is I have tried a few times to get the dressing on the side (as it’s pretty thick) with little success (due to difficulty conveying what I mean), but it always tastes amazing. Best fish in Portland!

  7. Is this cart closed for the winter? Last several times I’ve visited, it’s been boarded up.

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