Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo

Ragin' Cajun Gumbo

Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo

SE 50th and Division, A la Carts Food Pavilion
Hours: Wed-Sat, 12-7pm

The Story:

The first time someone introduced me to Gumbo, I chuckled. I was a child and thought they were jumbling their words. No way Gumbo could be the name, but it is the name of one of the best dishes out of the south.

Pat Marken, the owner and chef of Ragin’ Cajun is from Lafayette Louisiana, right in the heart of French Cajun country. It is there she mastered the recipe for her signature dish, the Gumbo, along with some other delights¬† with a little help from a rich culinary culture. I have eaten in New Orleans numerous times but understand Lafayette and the surrounding area will introduce me to even more amazing dishes.

At Ragin’ Cajun, there are items on the menu that I recognized, but others I did not. The Sweet Heat Cabbage is just that –¬† cabbage that has been simmering overnight to give it rich full flavor. The Savory T-Belle potatoes are red potatoes boiled and mixed with sausage. The Gumbo is shredded chicken and diced sausage with garlic, bell pepper and onion and served over a bed of rice. I tried a sample and was blown away. I actually opted for the simplest dish – red beans and rice. If someone can take those two staples and create an amazing dish, they get my business. Pat did just that with whatever magic she wields inside the cart. The dish was infused with some great flavors that reminded me of wandering the streets of the French Quarter.

Red Beans and Rice from Ragin' Cajun Gumbo

Red Beans and Rice from Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo

Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo is the real thing. Pat is welcoming and will tell you anything you want to know about the food or where it comes from. On Saturdays, she dishes up Chicken Lafayette, another specialty from the region. So special, it’s only offered once a week. Check them out and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Chicken and Sausage Gumbo – sm, $6; lg, $7.50
  • Red Beans and Rice (vegan) – sm, $5; lg, $6
  • Savory T-Belle Potatoes – $6
  • Sweet Heat Cabbage – $6

Hours: Wed-Sat, 12-7pm
Phone: 337.315.9266
Facebook: Ragin’ Cajun Gumbo



  1. tausha lell says:

    This gumbo cart is the best in the city as far as I can tell. Pat’s chicken Lafayette is worth the drive to find!! It is amazing!!!

  2. That is a good looking Cart! Pat is the real item, and so new to your area, she still has the Cajun country area code!! I have the only Hot dog Cart in Lafayette (as of yesterday, officially the “Tastiest Town in the South”). Bon appetit, mes amis!!

  3. Love from Louisiana! Looks like you ladies are doing us justice!! Makes me want to come to Portland to have some!

  4. Pat is an amazing cook. I have dreams about the chicken Lafayette. Her red beans and rice is delicious too! I’m so proud of you boo!! Y’all go and check out dat Ragin Cajun cart. You will be happy you did.

  5. Kernel34 says:

    As a Lafayette native, I NEED to check out this place

  6. Finally! A place to go for authentic Cajun food! It was delicious and tasted every bit as good as Maw Maw’s back home. You go girl! Aaaaaeeeeiiiii!

  7. Ragin Cajun Gumbo says:

    Our new summer hours are Wed-Sat noon-9pm and Sunday noon-6pm Thanks for all the love and support Portland.. The Ragin Cajun

  8. Ragin Cajun Gumbo says:

    We have a new special at Ragin Cajun Gumbo. Gumbalaya, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya topped with our famous Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with Sour Cream and Green Onions.

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