Okie Rogie

Okie Rogie

Okie Rogie


Location: SE 13th and Lexington, Sellwood
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:30-6:30 (Wed, open till 8)

The Story:

Over the years, there have been carts serving up the traditional Perogies with the most well known being the Polish cart at Saturday Market. That cart isn’t open during the week, so where do you get your fix? Okie Rogie is now open in Sellwood.

Okie Rogie is Scott and Ben’s pet project. The perogie is one of those dishes with much history in many different countries. When I first heard the name of the cart, I assumed they were from Oklahoma, but they are from the east coast. So why the name? They were sitting around with a friend one day who they claim has his own language and he just started throwing out names – “Okie Dokie; Rokie Rogie; Okie Rogie” – and it stuck. Okie Rogie was chosen.

Perogies from Okie Rogie

Perogies from Okie Rogie

Scott and Ben can serve up their potato based perogies boiled, pan-fried or deep fried. With both vegetarian and meat options and the ability to mix and match, we were able to get a couple of plates of everything for $7.5o and try every flavor they offered. On the vegetarian side, my favorite was the jalapeno made with potatoes and sharp cheddar cheese. Not that spicy, but with enough zing to make you stand up straight. For the meat side, the loaded baked potato perogie with green onion and bacon took the prize. So much flavor in that little pocket, especially when a bit of sour cream is added.

Okie Rogie is now open Wednesday-Sunday down on antique row in Sellwood. Open till the dinner hour, they are a great option for spicing up the third meal. Drop on by, try some perogies and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Vegetarian Perogies: $1 each or 4 for $3.50; 6 for $4.75; 8 for $6.25

  • Traditional – potato w/ gruyere cheese
  • Garlic & Onion – potato w/caramelized onion, garlic and chevre cheese
  • Jalapeno – potato w/jalapenos and sharp cheddar cheese

Meat – $1.25 each; 4 for $4; 6 for $5.50; 8 for $7.25

  • Loaded Baked Potato – potato w/green onion & bacon
  • Beef & Gogonzola – potato w/marinated beef, gorgonzola, bacon and onion
  • Chicken Alfredo – potato w/seasoned chicken, broccoli and Alfredo sauce

Soups and Salads available on the side

Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:30-6:30 (Wed, open till 8)
503 964 4109
Website: OkieRogie.com
Twitter: @OkieRogie
Facebook: Okie Rogie



  1. Sara Kowalczyk says:

    I don’t know that you can really call yourself a “Polish Pierogi Cart” if you don’t offer a kiszona kapusta (sauerkraut) stuffed version. Common Okie Rogie! This is Portland- everyone loves fermented things.
    Seriously, though. Nice cart, Scott and Ben, but we want some sauerkraut pierogi 🙂

  2. Ask and you shall receive! We’ve been meaning to do a sauerkraut perogie, your request is just the push/reminder we needed. It will be our Special perogie this week and will eventually be put on our menu for good! Stop by this week and let us know what ya think!

  3. Ash berry says:

    having never tried a perogie before I found them pretty dank from okie rogie. I had the jalapeno cheese and the loaded potato and they were super good! I will be back!

  4. Where did Okie Rogie go? We tried to go today and the cart wasn’t in Sellwood anymore!

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