Thien Nghi’s

Thien Nghi's

Thien Nghi’s


Location: SW 3rd and Stark
Hours: weekdays, lunchtime

The Story:

The cart pod on SW 3rd ave continues to evolve with old favorites leaving and new ones showcasing their eats. Thien Nghi’s is now open offering bentos and other Vietnamese dishes.

I’m a big fan of the simplicity of a bento dish – rice, steamed vegetables and your choice of meat, fish or tofu. While that caught my eye when I first arrived, it was the smell of Pho that woke my belly. With the option of beef or chicken, this traditional soup is one of my favorites. There is something re-invigorating about the broth and after you add in the condiments like parsley, basil and sprouts, you have a great meal. I opted for the chicken pho and wasn’t disappointed. Plenty of chicken, a flavorful broth and spicy hot for a cool winter day.

Chicken Pho from Thien Nghi's

Chicken Pho from Thien Nghi’s

Thien Nghi’s is now open for lunch daily off SW Stark between 2nd and 3rd. Check out their other specials like chicken wings, savory crepes or maybe even salmon spring rolls. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Bento – served with rice, mixed vegetables and choice of meat, salmon or tofu – $5-6
  • Vietnamese Savory Crepes – pork, shrimp, sprouts, mint, kung fu sauce – 1, $3.50; 2, $6
  • Salmon Spring rolls – salmon, noodles, lettuce, basil, mint, sprouts – 2 for $3.50
  • Saigon Spicy Chicken Wings – 3 for $3.50
  • Pho – noodles, basil, onion, parley, sprouts – chicken or beef; $5-5.50
  • Vegetarian Stir Fried Noodles – noodles, tofu, broccoli, beans, carrots, mushroom, baby corn, sprouts – $5

Hours: weekdays, lunchtime
Phone: 503 816 6410



  1. I got one of the bentos last week. I was pretty happy with it, and the flavours are a nice variation from my usual Thai-cart staples. Throwing in $0.50 for more vegetables is a welcome option too. I’ll be back, I think.

  2. No joke, this is my favorite place for Pho. Get the beef w/ extra hoisin sauce. You can’t beet the $5 price either. It will fill you up and keep you warm.

  3. +1 for Corey’s comment. Fantastic.

  4. Pretty much all of the above comments, but dang it sure is slow.

  5. I appreciate the fact that they don’t precook all their dishes. So the wait is worth it for freshly cooked dishes. They take phone orders so you can always call ahead. This is one of our favorite Vietnamese food cart. More authentic than most others.

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