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Jonathan Amato
Flyin' Hawaiian

Flyin’ HawaiianLocation: SE 52nd and Foster, Carts on Foster



Hours: Mon-Sat, 11 am to 8 pm

The Story:

It’s weird how a random trek to SE Portland confirmed how small the world can be. Knowing that several carts in the Foster pod had moved or closed up for winter, I wanted to see which carts remained – and if there were any new arrivals. Flyin’ Hawaiian was one of the newbies in the pod. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so any time I see a Hawaiian-style food cart, I just walk in a hypnotic state, almost compelled to try the food.

Jason Manolian and his business partner, Rusty Silva, opened Flyin’ Hawaiian in early December 2011. Amazingly, Jason is not only from Hawaii, but lived no more than two minutes from my house, mere steps from Aiea High School (no, we didn’t know each other prior to this food cart visit). Before opening this cart, Jason had worked in the restaurant business for several years.

Scanning the menu, I spotted the word “habanero.” Win! Jason has two types of habanero sauce for his wings – pineapple habanero and mango habanero, along with four milder options. And when I say wings, I mean the whole wing…think Pok Pok large. These wings appear to be fried naked, resulting in golden-brown crispy skin and juicy meat. I asked for the two habanero sauces on the side so I could try both. After a time, the fruity, spicy habanero ran wild in my mouth and I couldn’t tell which sauce was which. To me, it didn’t matter. Big chicken wings and spicy sauces already made me a happy panda.


Chicken Wings from Flyin' Hawaiian

Chicken Wings from Flyin’ Hawaiian

I had enough room in my stomach for a mahi-mahi taco ($3). Double corn tortillas hold diced cooked mahi-mahi (fish), tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and more. Customers have a choice of a spicy or a sweet tartar sauce, and of course, I chose spicy. Steamed tortilla, moist fish, refreshing toppings, and a satisfied stomach. Jason said people usually order about three of these for a nice filling meal.

The Garlic Teriyaki Burger and the Chicken Ranch Sandwich are some of the more popular items and non-meat eaters can rejoice, as there is a Vegan Burger on the menu. Also, watch for weekly specials! A recent kalua pork sandwich special was a huge hit. Check out Flyin’ Hawaiian, and tell Jason that Food Carts Portland sent ya!

[Flyin’ Hawaiian moved to Carts on Foster 10/2012]

Sample Menu:

  • Giant Wings and Legs – $5 – three wings; $8 – five wings; $15 – ten wings; choice of sauce – pineapple habanero, mango habanero, honey bourbon, orange teriyaki, lemon garlic, or smoky apricot
  • Garlic Teriyaki Burger – $6
  • Mahi-mahi Burger – $6.75
  • Mahi-mahi Tacos – $3 each – choice of hot or sweet chipotle sauce
  • Chicken Ranch Sandwich – $5 – add bacon for $1.25 more
  • Vegan Burger – $6
  • Cinnamon and Sugar Crisp – $2
  • Fresh Cut Fries – sm, $1.50; lg, $3 – choice of seasoning – sea salt, pepper, salt and pepper, garlic salt, Cajun, sweet basil, seasoned salt, cinnamon and sugar

Hours: Daily, 11 am to 8 pm
503 567 8424



  1. Marci Dickey says

    While on vacation we stopped at your truck and what can I say but WOW! Delicious food, we all enjoyed and will be back for sure. Aloha!

  2. We got lunch from this cart today after reading this post, and WOW! This is truly one awesome cart. I liked the honey bourbon wings better than the pineapple habanero, but both were good, and I liked the habanero dipping sauce with the fried pickles. I also loved the slice of pineapple included with every container – what a nice touch, lovely tropical finish to an awesome meal. The wings were huge and I could only eat one, so I have more for later – not bad for a $5 order! Well played, guys, well played. Thank you.

  3. The food was amazing

  4. Josephine says

    Finally stopped by cart this weekend. I got the spicy chicken lunch special, and I got a terriyaki/garlic burger and russet potato fries for my boyfriend. I loved the spicy chicken, it was a flavorful spicy, not hot just for the sake of being hot spicy! Don’t get me wrong though, it was pretty darn spicy. I couldn’t finish it but my boyfriend very graciously offered to finish it for me. I got the lunch special so it came with rice (awesome), macaroni salad (I’m not a fan of macaroni salad so I feel I can’t give a biased opinion of it), and a roll (nice to have considering how spicy it was!). My boyfriend liked the burger alright, the fries got a little soggy from being wrapped up in the to go box and bag, but he really liked my spicy chicken. We’ll come again for sure!

  5. Mmmh – mahi mahi tacos! Makes my mouth water. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m in Portland. Love the look, too – cheerful even if the weather is less-than-Hawaiian.

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