La Cocina De Chepe

La Cocina de Chepe

La Cocina de Chepe

Location: SE 102nd and Stark
Hours: Tues-Fri, 11am-8pm, Sat/Sun, 10am-8pm

The Story:

The east wind blows cold in winter and the lot at 102nd and Stark is right in its path. That doesn’t close the carts though. Inside the seating area for La Cocina de Chepe, picnic tables are surrounded by space heaters while customers enjoy some wonderful Salvadorian fare.

La Cocina de Chepe – Chepe’s Kitchen – is one of those carts everyone talks about. Chepe, the owner, opened the cart in early August and by the end of the month, customers were bringing their own chairs and tables to setup in the lot. Chepe servers up authentic Salvadorian food and ensures he is using ingredients that you would find only in El Salvador. The Salvadorian red bean is an example of an ingredient he has a difficult time sourcing in Oregon, so he gets it from LA. It may be more expensive, but their signature Pupusa wouldn’t be authentic without it. As the crowds came and continue to come, La Cocina de Chepe became a beacon for the Salvadorian community in Portland. Chepe even reconnected with a high school mate who came to the cart for lunch. Small world.

El Salvador is famous for the pupusas which is a tortilla filled with cheese, beans, chicharron, and other ingredients. When I first thought of chicharron, I imagined the type of chicharron one would find at Mexican restaurants. Chepe instructed me how Salvadorians do it by making chicharron from pork, but then mixing it with beans and blending it to make a paste before adding it to the pupusa. Watching them make the pupusa was an art form – molding it and adding the fillings and frying it on the flattop. There are many traditional fillings for pupusas and La Cocina de Chepe has them along with some new signature items Chepe has designed for Portland. They even have queso y loroco which is made with the flower bud of the loroco plant from Central America.

The pod at SE 102nd and Stark has many options for street food dining. La Cocina de Chepe is open every day except Monday till 8pm so you can either grab lunch, an afternoon snack or dinner for the family. In the summer, be sure to bring a chair. Drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pupusas: numerous options which include beans, cheese, chicharron, squash, loroco, pork – prices range from $2.25-$3
  • Pan Con Pollo: chicken sandwich with sauce, water cress, sliced cucumber and other vegetables – $6.50
  • Steak Encebollado – steak w/smothered caramelized onion with rice and beans, fresh salad and fried plantains – $8.95
  • Sandwich Cubano – ham, cheese and roasted pork, mustard and pickles – $6.50
  • Yuca con Chicharrones – broiled or fried yuca root served with chicharrones, fresh salad, tomato sauce and curtido – $6.50

Hours: Tues-Fri, 11am-8pm, Sat/Sun, 10am-8pm
Phone: 5039339483



  1. Best pupusas ever!!!!!
    Great area and really good customer service…

  2. Best Pupusas ever!!!!!
    Great customer service, good location

  3. Bertha Pearl says

    I love this cart…and I agree, best pupusas!!!!

  4. This place makes the best pupusas! I would highly recommend stopping by. Very friendly staff…

  5. We order food from here at least 3 times a week. The portions are large and very filling. The owner Jose and his staff are very nice..stop by and try the chicken pupusas..Yum yum!

  6. Is a great place love the food

    Thank you


  7. This is the best Salvadorian food and the most inspiring food cart in Portland! In the summer we found great drinks such as Fresco de Ensalada which is a great compliment to the menu and right now they offer Atole de Alote that keeps you warm from the inside out! Love the food, the place and the staff… 10 thumbs up!

  8. I love the pupusas and authentic Salvadoran food!! I come here as often as I can and love the friendly people here.

  9. The pupusas here are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love the service here! Everyone is friendly and kind. If you haven’t gone yet you have too!

  10. The food here is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love the service! Everyone is friendly and kind. If you haven’t gone yet you have too! The chef is the best and a high quality cook. Your missing out if you haven’t gone. S

  11. Patricia Hernandez says

    Puuu. Que Rico comi el puro saber de mi terruno que, desyune en la Cocina de Chepe y si les recomiendo Los desuyos estan delicious

  12. Eduardo Animas says

    Definitivamente Estas pupusas rancheras si que estan de poca Mauser yo las recomiendo.
    La cocina de chepe es una excellent alternative para desayunar.

  13. Stephen Walls says

    Great food and great service. Best Salvadorian food in Portland. I personally love the pan con pollo, my wife loves the pupusas. There is something for almost anyone’s taste.

  14. The food was excellent, I had pupusas de loroco and cheese, and Pan de pollo. Chepe was very friendly the food was great
    I would say 200% sure I will go back..


  15. As a Salvi I have eaten pupusas all my life. The home cooked ones area always better since most restaurants cut corners or fill you on masa. For example, they skimp on the loroco or they mix in a lot of Mexican queso fresco, which is really good on its own, but not as salty as Salvi cheese. Not Chepe’s. These are legit

  16. Theresa Perez says

    We loved the pupusas filled with cheese and beans. We lived them do much we had to go back the next day for more.

  17. julie garcia says

    The food is amazing!!!! im defitnitly going back for more pupsas and gallo pinto con crema and bannano frito

  18. La Cocina De Chepe catered my wedding this summer! They are so fantastic. Great service, GREAT food, reasonably priced. I come here as often as I can and I’ve always had a fantastic experience. My favorite is the Pupusa con queso y ayote! So tasty! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

  19. We tried this cart for the first time on Friday and can’t wait to go back. We had a chicken tamale and an avocado pupusa – both yummy!

  20. I have to go Portland from Seattle to eat the best Salvadorean.

  21. I have a yr that i move to portland and i have been looking for a best pupuseria true salvadorean, this place has the best pupusa de arroz y regular, plus the Empanadas and sopa de pata. I don’t care i have to drive 30mins i will come back. Best in Beaverton there is not a good pupuseria

  22. Parabens, amo esse blog, adoro como consejos que se nos presentan, por antojo. Esse prato eu fiz ontem ficou una delicia

  23. Video is the best part 🙂

  24. My favorite =D

  25. The best video ever.

  26. Very good !
    I love it! I want to come back soon when I get there in mid-November.

  27. I always eat there when im in the country.

    Soooo delicious!!!

  28. Great!!!

    La cocina de chepe is just amazing.

  29. I went there in 2016.
    It’s the best food i’ve ever ate.

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