New Taste of India at PSU

New Taste of India at PSU

New Taste of India at PSU

Location: SW 4th and Hall
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

The Story:

New Taste of India has multiple location throughout the city. Serving up traditional Indian food with large daily special that are enough to feed two people. More details coming soon.

Phone: 503 888 0489



  1. I must say I was rather disappointed in the vegetarian lunch special. The chana saag was very bland, and it should pack a nice garlic with a touch of ginger and spicy punch, yet it was missing all of that. I can’t recall the other dish (you get two in the special, and a quite nice naan), but it was equally bland. The curried vegetables on the side were tasty. My standard for food cart Indian is Real Taste of India over at The Pod, but it’s too far for me to get to for lunch unfortunately, and I have to use the PSU pod. I will try New Taste once more, perhaps the meat special, or the malai kofta, but if that fails as well, I’m done with them.

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