Location: SW 4th and Hall
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-7pm

The Story:

When one cart departs, someone is always there, ready to repaint and relaunch as something new. Chilango is one of the newest faces on SW 4th at the PSU pod.

When I visited the other day, it took me a few minutes of reviewing the menu to realize this cart served Mexican food. Normally, the first items on the menus are tacos and burritos. At Chilango, it is bowls. After ordering my lunch from Veronica, I asked what Chilango meant and she told me it was a boy from Mexico City and then pointed at Caesar who was making my lunch and said – him!

Chilango Bowl Taco

Chilango Bowl Taco

At Chilango, you can get soft tacos and burritos, vegetarian fare and other traditional Mexican food, but what caught my eye was the Chilango Bowl. Your choice of meat served with beans, rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, cotija cheese and handmade masa tortillas. What I pictured in my mind paled in comparison to what they served. A large portion of beans and rice covered with chicken tinga (my meat choice), a few large spoonfuls of fresh guacamole and pico. Chicken tinga is shredded chicken breast stewed with tomatoes and onions. The tortillas were amazingly fresh and putting it all together into a small little taco was a treat. The guacamole, made fresh that morning, had a hint of lemon that when paired with a bit of chicken and black bean was amazing. A very large portion, more than enough for a hearty lunch.

The bright red cart that looks like a small cabin is welcoming – especially with Veronica and Caesar there with their big smiles and wonderful food. They have an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu using tempe. Head on down if you haven’t visited the pod in awhile and give it a try. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Chilango Bowl – choice of grilled chicken, asada, ground beef, carnitas or chicken tinga with black or pinto beans, rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, cotija cheese and corn tortillas – $6
  • Burrito – choice of meat with black or pinto beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, onions and cilantro – flour tortilla – $6
  • Soft Taco – corn tortilla with choice of meat with onion and cilantro – $2
  • Vegetarian Chilango Bowl – black or pinto beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija cheese and 3 corn tortillas – $5.50
  • Tempe Chilango Bowl – black or pinto beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, corn tortillas and tempe – $6
  • Breakfast Burrito – eggs, potatoes, black or pinto beans, cheese, pico de gallo – $4.50

Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime
Phone: 503 218 3352 (text to go orders)
Resources: Debit/Credit Carts accepted



  1. I’m glad you guys went for a visit after my tip. Chilango is the perfect fix for my Mexican cravings (which developed from my first 30+ years in Texas).

  2. We just ate here for the first time – what a great cart! My dining companion said, “there’s a freshness to this food that you don’t usually get” in food carts and in Mexican food. Seeing the big containers of real dried chiles just inside makes it clear that everything is fresh and handmade.

  3. Super yummy food! Fresh and delicious. Gracias Chilango…

  4. The huge breakfast burrito is a great value for $4.50. The tortilla doesn’t seem to be the Costco kind that’s only slightly heated. It was grilled and very chewy, very delish.

  5. Chilango is my favorite Mexican food cart of all time, and in the top 3 of all my favorite Mexican restaurants, the food here is high quality, healthy and incredibly delicious, and all the salsas are really good!

  6. Unfortunately this cart has closed. Soon will be reopening as “Get Stuffed” burgers and grilled cheese.

  7. Dang! This cart was absolutely the best one, for value and for quality, in that entire pod! I might even argue it was the best one in all of downtown. The sign on the cart says something to the effect of “closed due to fire, will reopen next week”. I am assuming this is not the case?

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