Location: N Mississippi and Skidmore, Mississippi Marketplace
Hours: Wed-Sun, 10am-8pm

The Story:

Alberta street has some wonderful food carts, but unlike most of the city, they aren’t congregated into pods. The carts on Alberta go it alone, interspersed between the restaurants, shops and other eateries on the street. Welcome a new cart to the street – MEET. [MEET moved to Mississippi Marketplace in 2012]

MEET is located in a spot between 14th and 15th where there use to be a Mexican truck for years. I happened upon it when we were roaming about one day, so the placement of the cart next to the sidewalk was key. When I first saw the sign, I did think it would be a meat centric cart. Being a food writer, I sometimes find myself writing, “hey, let’s meat at blah blah blah.” It gets some laughs. That being said, the cart does focus on meals centered around brisket, ribs, chicken and pork. While you can get items a la cart, they focus on plating the main course with sides for the full meal deal.

Brisket from MEET

St Louis Ribs from MEET

It seems that most every city has a food that has in some way been defined by the culture there. The Philly Cheesesteak or the NYC Pastrami or Kansas City BBQ. While St. Louis is famous for its grilling and BBQ sauce, the ribs are named for how they’re cut. I spent a summer learning all about ribs and cooking some myself, so when offered, I jump at it. I was served three meaty ribs with greens and coleslaw. MEET had some great sauces available, but I chose to enjoy the ribs as they were served and am glad I did. The meat came off the bone easily with a rich flavor and an applewood smokiness. The greens- kale, collards and mustard – were a great companion mixed with the vinegar zing of the coleslaw.

MEET offers up seating under a tent so you can get out of the elements while you enjoy your meal. What is not listed on the menu, but was on their chalkboard was breakfast. Head on down and check MEET out and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

All plates come with 2 sides.

  • Painted Hills Whole Brisket: 1/4 lb slow cooked and smoked with apple wood – $9.50
  • Carlton Farms St Louis Style Ribs: 1/4 rack slow cooked and smoked with apple wood – $9.50
  • Roasted Chicken: $9.50
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich: (1 side) $5
  • Brisket Sandwich: (1 side) $5
  • Sides: roasted seasonal vegetables; assorted braised greens; coleslaw; baked beans; brown rice and more.

Hours: Wed-Sun, 10am-8pm
Contact: unknown



  1. nitpicker says:

    brisket looks an awful lot like ribs

  2. Actually, it’s a little known cut called ribrisket – don’t usually see that outside of a small corner of New Texico.

  3. Dana Legg says:

    MEET is outstanding! I’ve eaten there several times and it’s always been really good. The breakfast is worth trying for sure!

  4. This chef is a friend of mine and I’ve been enjoying his dinner parties for years… he actually worked at the fine restaurant Cafe Des Amis in NW years ago and is a master at subtle flavors combined w/ just the right counterpoints. The technique is to slow hardwood smoke the meat for a day until the sauce melds w/ the savory flavor of the meat, balancing each so you can taste all the complexities of each, creating a long finish on the palate. If you’re tired of heavy, sugary sauces that mask the true flavor of slowly smoked & grilled meat, you’ve found the real thing here. His menu is deceptively simple but the flavors are so addictive, I’ve become a regular. Just try the $3. pork sandwich to get a quick feel for his skill… and you’ll want to come back, again and again like I do.

  5. Ephraim K says:

    The food at “Meet” is truly wonderful! I had the ribs, smokey good, a couple of tender slices of brisket, coleslaw, and greens! You have got to try this place…the cook knows what he is doing!

  6. Becky Wallace says:

    We’ve eaten there several times. All the meat is fantastic. I love the pulled pork sandwiches and for breakfast I often get the eggs with roasted vegetables and polenta. Yummy and inexpensive – $5. I love the salad too. It’s all good!

  7. Wonderful tasting meats, and the best Southern beans and greens I’ve had in the PNW. Interesting and delicious cornbread. And the chef’s a nice guy!

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