Philippine Cuisine

Philippine Cuisine

Philippine Cuisine

Location: SE 102nd and Stark
Hours: Fri-Wed, 11am-8pm, closed Thursdays

The Story:

A Philippine food cart in SE Portland serving up signature dishes like lumpia, chicken adobo, curry chicken, curry shrimp and other Philippine delights.

Sample Menu:

  • Caldereta: sauteed beef, similar to beef stew – $7
  • Lecheon Paksiw: roasted pork in sweet and sour sauce – $8
  • Sweet and Sour Fish: fried fish filet in sweet and sour sauce – $6
  • Lumpia: ground beef and vegetables wrapped in a wheat wrapper – 3 for $2
  • Chicken Adobo: chicken sauteed in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and onions – $6

Hours: Fri-Wed, 11am-8pm, closed Thursdays
Phone: 971 506 8367



  1. How about Noah’s at 9th and Alder?

  2. What about Noah’s? That cart was only there for a few months. I think the owner started renting it to some other vendor at the beginning of last autumn. The cart is now being used for Hawaiian food.

    I only tried the chicken adobo at Noah’s once, but thought it was poorly done. The sauce was thin and greasy, and the skin was pale and sloughing off of the legs. When I’ve made it I skim and reduce the sauce, and throw the chicken under a broiler to put some color on it and improve the texture. Maybe that’s not an authentic way to prepare the dish, but it’s more presentable and palatable.

    Hopefully this cart will fare better and produce better fare.

  3. Respiratuer says

    Enjoyed the chicken adobo today. Nice portions of veg, chicken, and rice, more spice than vinegar. Still pretty tasty and worth a go back.

  4. What happened to these Carts? This post must be old, because only 2 places mentioned here are actually at food carts at 102 and Stark. Concina de chepe has been closed at least since May 2015 when i first went there; it only recently reopened. Looking at the photo posted on here of Concina de Chepe it makes one sad! why you ask… well the current state of Chepe looks nothing like the photo( which im assuming was when they just newly opened) just go their and see for your self its a sad state of affairs. This post must be older then im assuming because i ordered a avocado vegetarian pupusa just the other day and it cost me$7.50. It was delicious but a bit spendy, and it dosent fill you up. Anway i digress. Getting back to the carts. The Phillipine cusine is no longer there nor is the chicken wing thai place. From all the photos and the current state of the carts today looks like they have all seen better days. Currently occupying food carts @102 and stark are. A thai food i think its thai garden, a chinese cart(sorry do not recall the name). Los Arcos(mexican) A Turkish food cart, Los Antojitoes del Yucateco(mexican) Cocina Chepe(El Salvadorean), and a Russian food cart. Oh least i forget theirs a Bobba tea and crepe place directly behind Thai garden. Also up until the middle of October 2015 their was a cart between Chepe and Yucateco it was called Tamales Locos or Locos Tamales. I dont know why the departed i loved their food and drink. Please return. Good food and nice people.

    Please if any body out their knows what happened to this place why have so many food carts dissappeared and departed from here. Pleaes enter your comment and update all of us. Thank you

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