Bangkok Duck and Chicken



Location: SW 10th and Washington
Hours: daily, lunchtime

The Story:

Thai cuisine including Gai Yang, Khao Mok Gai, Khao Pad Ped and more. Pricing ranges from $5-6. More information coming soon.


  1. Valerie T. says:

    I’ve eaten at plenty of Thai food carts downtown Portland and this was without a doubt the WORST chicken pad Thai I’ve ever had! And after waiting….and waiting…and waiting…they finally had it ready after 25 minutes! Unheard of! It was a Sunday and not busy at all so what took so long??? The guy cooking looked like he was just irritated he had to be there or something. Anyway…when I finally got my 2 orders of chicken pad Thai (1 for myself and 1 for 5 yr old grandson) along with the pineapple chicken fried rice…we drove to my house to have our lunch. First off, I had told them “no spice” as my grandson can’t eat spicy food. When I lifted the lid and looked at the food…it was bland in color and looked nothing like the traditional pad Thai. And once I tasted it…that was pretty obvious! What the heck was this large noodle dish with no sauce and SOOOO salty my grandson ran to the kitchen sink to get a drink of water and rinse out his mouth!! Disgusting!! And it wasn’t just the so-called pad Thai that was so salty it almost made us throw up…the pineapple chicken fried rice was also doused with so much salt it was inedible as well! We ended up throwing all the food away!! What a waste of $15! I will never go back there! I’ll stick with the best Thai food cart in Portland which is on SW 5th and Stark…Khob Khun Thai food cart has a wonderfully flavorful chicken pad Thai that is out of this world for only $5! My grandson loves their food but since they weren’t open on Sunday we got stuck with Bangkok Duck & Chicken’s Terrible Thai!! Go someplace else….anyplace else…besides there!

  2. I literally just got done eating their kung pao chicken. There were a total of four pieces of chicken, an entire can of green beans, and carrots. The guy who took my $6 was borderline rude, and I had to wait forever. I thought I had gotten vegeitarian since there were only FOUR pieces of chicken!! What a rip off!

  3. Yeah, this place is pretty bad. Ordered the Pad Kee Mao with duck, and what I got bore little real resemblance to Pad Kee Mao. No peppers, tomato, bean sprouts or Thai basil (the last of which is one of the main flavors that makes Pad Kee Mao). Also no flavor. In addition to the lack of basil, I’m pretty sure there was little or no fish sauce (the second major flavor in PKM). Lastly, there was no spice at all, despite my ordering medium (sure, perhaps I should’ve ordered spicy, but “spicy” Thai food should be REALLY hot and I just wanted a little kick). So, if all you want is a bland bowl of noodles, cabbage and duck/chicken/tofu, this might be your place. Otherwise go someplace that actually has the vaguest of understanding about what should go into a given dish. I don’t think any of the Thai carts in this pod are especially great, but they’re all WAY better than his place.

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