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Roll Plus

Roll Plus

Location: SW 9th and Alder
Daily for lunch

The Story:

Sushi is one of those dishes you usually do not find served from carts. Portland has a vegetarian sushi cart and a Hawaiian cart that does great rolls and now Roll Plus becomes the fourth.

We always say that when one cart closes, someone is always there to take its place and sometimes offer something new or unique. Roll Plus is in the former Pho Sam cart. I’m going to miss those Banh mi sandwiches and Pho, but am excited to have sushi options available for lunch. Upon first visit, I was a bit overwhelmed by the options. Usually, a cart will focus on just a few simple items that can be mixed and matched. Here you can get everything from fresh spicy tuna rolls with cucumber and imitation crab to edamame, seaweed salad and even Miso soup.

Spicy Tuna Shrimp Tempura Roll

Spicy Tuna Shrimp Tempura Roll

I never know how much sushi to order. I’m a fan of the sushi train so I can regulate my intake and try different items made fresh. At Roll Plus you order whole rolls with either 4 or 6 pieces. I’ve had 4 pieces at restaurants that have filled me up but have also had a roll with 6 pieces that left me wanting, so at Roll Plus, I ordered two rolls – a Spicy Tuna Roll and the Spicy Tuna Shrimp Tempura Roll. For $10 I had enough to easily feed two if not three. Each roll was well prepared and put in the to-go container creating a great presentation. The spicy tuna roll came with imitation crab and avocado rolled with the rice on the outside, sprinkled with sesame seeds and topped with spicy tuna and sauce. The spicy tuna shrimp tempura roll was even larger with the tempura shrimp, imitation crab and avocado inside and the spicy tuna on the outside. I love the crunch of the tempura and the creaminess of the avocado all mixed together. On a warm sunny day sitting in the park, I sat there with a smile on my face while enjoying some amazing rolls and plenty of wasabi and ginger.

I have eaten at many of Portland’s sushi places and I have to say Roll Plus will offer some stiff competition – especially downtown with the lack of inexpensive sushi options. The food is prepared made to order and the price is unbeatable for what you get. Now open at SW 9th and Alder, drop on by and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • California Roll – 8pcs – $3.50
  • Spicy Tuna  – 8pcs – $4
  • Unagi Roll – 8pcs – $4.50
  • Super California Roll – 6pcs – imitation crab, avocado, cucumber – deep fried – $5
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll – 8pcs – imitation crab, avocado, deep fried shrimp – $5
  • Spicy Tuna Shrimp Tempura Roll – 5pcs – $6
  • Chicken Katsu – $4.50
  • Fried Rice w/stir fried chicken – $5
  • Edamame – $2
  • Seaweed Salad – $3
  • Yakisoba – $3
  • Miso soup – $1

Hours: Daily for lunch
Contact: unknown
Twitter: @Roll_Plus_PDX




  1. I’m excited to check this cart out, thanks for the review.. it is always hard to know how much sushi to order so this is helpful.

  2. any veggie rolls?

  3. quisquose says

    Just had two salad rolls here, and if I hadn’t been starving and already gone back up to my office I would have demanded my money back. The veggies and shrimp were fresh and fine, but the pork was almost inedible, like cardboard that had been soaked, then dried, then soaked, then dried again. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t eaten it at all; god knows how old it was.

    Also negative: The sauce was bland and tasted like it was the cheapest artificial crap they could find a CostCo. And to top it all off, they gave it to me in a styrofoam clamshell (which I thought was illegal in Portland)!

    The lady was very nice, though.

  4. Rolls Plus Grill recently changed owners. It was Rolls Plus for a couple months, and now Rolls Plus Grill, to offer more of their speciality items. I am a regular at Rolls Plus Grill, 3-4 times per week as it is so afforable for the quality you are getting. My favorite is Banh Mi grilled chicken. For $3.50, it really fills you. I tried their Pho Ga the other week and it was excellent. It was too hot to enjoy on a sunny day but I will try it again when the weather cools down. It’s nice that they have seating in the back so I can enjoy the Pho Ga.
    If you are hungry, try any of their Sushi combo options. The Spicy Tuna Hand Roll is huge! The one thing I will try next is the soft shell crab. I see people ordering it and they seem to enjoy it so I will try it next time. This is a neat place so if you are looking for great food on a budget, Rolls Plus Grill is a place to try out. Menu starts at $1.50 for salad roll or egg roll, 8 pieces of California Roll for $3.50, huge Sushi Combo for $6.50 that can feed two people. Also, since everything is made fresh, towards the end of the day they have Happy Hour specials where salad rolls are $1.00 each if there are any left. That’s what I get for an late afternoon snack 🙂

  5. The no. 9 unagi roll ($5) is a work of art, and delicious.

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