Big-Ass Sandwiches off to San Francisco

Big-Ass Sandwiches

Big-Ass Sandwiches

You voted, all 2666 of you, and in the end, Big-Ass Sandwiches was chosen as the cart to represent Portland in San Francisco at the National Street Food Festival in August. I believe Lisa and Brian Wood, the owners and mad scientists behind the Big-Ass Sandwich will do Portland proud and show the nation that we truly are the best city for street food. I can’t wait to see the lines.

Congrats to Big-Ass Sandwiches and thank you everyone for voting and supporting your favorite cart.

Final Totals:

Big-Ass Sandwiches – 905 votes
Euro-Trash – 527 votes
Whiffies Fried Pies – 405 votes
DC Vegetarian – 259 votes
Nong’s Khao Man Gai – 233 votes
PDX671  – 218 votes
The People’s Pig – 119 votes


  1. As a San Franciscan who just visited Portland, I say YOUR city should be hosting a food cart festival. I don’t even know where we have food carts in San Francisco (and I’ve lived here all my life) other than some lousy Mexican eats – certainly nothing like Portland.

    I guess the difference is it is far more economical in SF to put a parking lot on it. I don’t even want to think about our permitting process. Then again, I don’t trust our residents to throw away garbage like Portland residents would.

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