Hungry Heart Cupcakes

Hungry Heart Cupcakes

Hungry Heart Cupcakes

Location: Roaming
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11-5

The Story:

In 2010, we received an email about a new truck named Chomp, a stepvan that was serving up tasty cupcakes. When we investigated and discovered a great new sweet option – Hungry Heart Cupcakes.

Cupcakes have been a favorite of many in the last few years with storefronts opening here and there throughout the city. In the food cart world, The Sugar Cube introduced Portlanders to some amazing treats and dessert options and is still going strong. Now, with Hungry Heart Cupcakes, you have a new option for sating that sweettooth. The cupcake queen Jax has been thinking about cupcakes most of her life after having been treated as a child to some amazing home cooking from her grandmother. When the cupcake revolution began, Jax started dreaming about what flavors she would put together along with how they would be served. Having memories of the childhood ice-cream truck, she decided she wanted to be the neighborhood cupcake truck and Chomps was born.

Bourbon Bacon Cupcake

Bourbon Bacon Cupcake

I remember cupcakes as a child being dry and uninspired. The best you could hope for was a unique topping or sprinkles. Ahh, the 70’s. Hungry Heart has embraced artisan cupcakes with flavors like red velvet with vanilla cream cheese frosting or dark chocolate and cacao nibs with dulce deluche frosting and sea salt. These are some creative combinations you just don’t find anywhere. The day we visited, I and my friends were able to enjoy the Bourbon Breakfast Cupcake, a pancake cupcake with bourbon apple filling, maple frosting and applewood smoked bacon presented atop. Just showing the cupcake to others created drools, oohs and ahs. I just had to share. The bacon and maple were decadent and the unique apple filling with the moist cake made for a treat beyond what anyone expected. This is the cupcake that will re-define cupcakes for you, your family and your grandma. (Be sure to have flowers available so no one is put off.)

Hungry Heart Cupcakes roams around Portland to events and lunch spots. Most recently, they have been found with Koi Fusion at 300 NE Multnomah on Thursdays. You’ll need to follow them on Facebook or Twitter for their current locations. If you can and when you do, visit them and enjoy a treat and let Jax and Chomps know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Hungry Heart Cupcakes is reopening in April 2012 with a cupcake kiosk at Mississippi Marketplace.]

Sample Menu:

Cupcakes are “minis” for $1.25 or a 4 for $4.50.

  • Red Velvet with vanilla cream cheese frosting
  • Lemon Drop cupcake with raspberry buttercream frosting
  • Dark chocolate & cacao nib with dulce deluche frosting & Maldon sea salt
  • Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and applewood smoked bacon
  • Chocolate cupcake with cocoa raspberry frosting
  • Vanilla cupcake with spiced pears and Saigon cinnamon frosting
  • Bourbon Breakfast Cupcake: pancake cupcake with bourbon apple filling, maple frosting and topped with bacon – $2.50

Hours: Wed-Sun, 11-5
Phone: 503 583 2654
Twitter: @HHCupcakes Facebook: Hungry Heart Cupcakes



  1. Marnie Thompson says:

    Hello, I just thought a cupcake food cart would be a terrific idea for the area in which I live. Very close to D.C. and Baltimore. How did you get started and how much money did you need to invest into the start up?

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