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Wicked Waffles

Wicked Waffles

Today, we learn that Wicked Waffles will be closing the cart and selling it at the end of October. Matthew emailed me that they are looking to expand into something larger, maybe even a restaurant. If you haven’t seen it, the Wicked Waffles vintage trailer is really a work of art – fully restored. They even have a prime corner spot at North Station. This news comes on the heels last week that Lovin’ Spoonful’s truck on SW 2nd and Oak is up for sale as they move on to starting a restaurant in Lincoln City. Additionally, we learned that Valhalla has their cute little trailer for sale. Plenty of opportunity for someone who wants to start a cart.

BING! is giving away free cart food on Wednesday, Oct. 13 to promote their BING! Food Cart map. An all day event, they will utilize the map to announce where the free food will be at. Sounds like a fun game. Check out the BING! community blog for more information.

BING! Community Blog

Plenty of new carts are still opening:

  • Esan Thai – extension of the famous restaurant – SW10 & Alder
  • Thai Food Factory – SW 9th and Alder
  • Philly’s Best – NE MLK and Lombard
  • Off the Griddle – Vegetarian – SE 50th and Division
  • Latin American Fusion – SW 3rd and Stark
  • Korean Twist and Boolgogi seemed to have merged – now at SW 10th and Alder
  • Taste of Korea – SW 3rd and Washington

Also, the newest pod on N Mississipi, just north of Fremont now has a name – South-Sip. Four carts including wood fired pizza and Caribbean fare.

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  1. I had some pad thai at the new Esan Thai cart the other day at the Alder pod. Not very good. It pales in comparison to Sawasdee.

  2. Just finished of a lunch from Esan Thai. The presentation of the food was pretty sad. They barely loaded 1/3 of the box. More veggies! I think I found 2 very small pieces of broccoli, a single green shoot, and a few pieces of kale(??). The positive is that I asked for, “As spicy as possible” and they delivered on that! Another thing I’d like to see is a Sriracha bottle outside of their cart. Pretty standard.

  3. Just curious as to why the pod on N Mississippi was named South-Sip. Is there a story behind that naming?

  4. Michelle,
    I think it is a reference to South Mississippi – south sip.

  5. I saw a new cart at 50th and division.
    It was called “over the top”. Truly an amazing wild game experience.definatly worth a stop bye!

  6. Ah, okay – I get it now. Thanks! =)

  7. We ate at the Caribbean cart at South Sip this weekend. SO YUMMY! The talapia is cooked perfectly!

  8. We welcome everyone to our new food cart located in SW 3rd and Stark, and try our Venezuelan, Chilean and Colombian food!!

  9. crushnitdaily says

    Thai Food Factory (SW 9th and alder) is awesome – some of the best tofu pad thai I’ve had in a long time, maybe in the whole city. You need to get a review on that place dialed in!

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