A Taste of Greek


A Taste of Greek

A Taste of Greek

Location: SW 2nd and Oak
Hours: M-F 10:30-close

The Story:

On a sunny day in Portland, the last thing you want is a hot scalding meal for lunch. I usually choose to go with a cool salad or sandwich to fill me up without making me sweat more than I already am. On a hot day in August, I decided to get some Greek food. I thought – Greece is in a hotter part of the world, so their food must taste great in the heat. A Taste of Greek didn’t let me down.

There is plenty of Mediterranean influenced food available in the city whether it be Greek or Turkish or Lebanese or Israeli. Dishes like hummus, tabouli, kafta, gyros, falafel – they all come from a special place in the world where the food is made with love and family in mind. Whenever I have eaten food from the region, it is always been served family style so everyone can participate. It brings people together. I know some may disagree and argue that Greek is different than Turkish which is different from Lebanese which…., but I love food and love that the people of the Mediterranean and the middle east have created some amazing flavors from such simple ingredients.

Mezza plate from A Taste of Greek

Mezza plate from A Taste of Greek

A Taste of Greek has an affordable menu offering up small appetizers for $4 all the way to full meals which include either lamb or kafta with rice, tiziki, salad and bread for $7. Being a hot day, I chose the Mezza plate which is a combination of numerous appetizers. The hummus was the perfect balance of garlic, garbanzo beans and lemon. I knew it was made with tahini sauce, and that nutty flavor was present, but not overwhelming, allowing for the hummus to be the rockstar of the meal. Seriously, I dipped everything in it, including the tiziki sauce served with the dolmades. The baba ghannouq, a more textural paste made with eggplant worked great when mashed together with the falafel. I’m not one to separate my food. It all goes to the same location, so mix and mash is what I say. I don’t think I really appreciated the appetizer section of these menus fully until I had that Mezza plate. Excellent food all around. Did I mention the hummus was amazing?

A Taste of Greek on SW 2nd and Oak is in a cart formerly owned by Aybla. If you thought it was still the same Greek food from the past, stop on by and try it as the menu and ownership has changed. Let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:


  • Hummus and Pita – $4
  • Baba Ghannoug w/pita – eggplant with garlic, lemon and tahini sauce – $5
  • Dolmades – grape leave with rice, herbs an tiziki sauce – $1
  • Tiziki w/pita – sour cream, yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and oregano – $4
  • Tabouli – salad with parsley, bulgur, tomato, lemon juice and olive oil – $4
  • Mezza Plate – 4 of the above items – $7


  • Gyros with lamb or chicken – served in pita with tiziki sauce, onions, parsley and tomato – $5
  • Super Gyros – largers size with feta cheese in addition – $7
  • Kafta Kabob – ground lamb in pita with lettuce, parsley, onion and tomato – $5
  • Falafel – garbanzo beans mixed with onions, coriander, parsley and spices in a pita – $5

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30am-close; Saturday, open at 12pm
Phone: 503 913 1795



  1. I absolutely LOVE Taste of Greek! I was in PDX visiting from Phoenix last month and this was by far my favorite of all my food cart meals (and we had many!). I loved the hummus, and also enjoyed the chicken plate. Everything was just flippin’ perfect and delicious!

  2. What happened to Aybla over there? Are they just sticking with their cart at the SW Alder/10th pod?

  3. I just picked up a super falafel sandwich for lunch. I can’t recommend this place enough!! I’ve had most of the falafel sandwiches downtown Portland has to offer. This is hands down THE BEST falafel I’ve ever eaten. Well done!!

  4. Super-friendly, great food, excellent value AND open until 6pm, so I can grab dinner on my way home! Winner on all accounts!

  5. NYC has GREAT gyros. So does Pike Place Market in Seattle. This cart is right in the mix of the Best of the Best. Don’t miss it. A TASTY TREAT FOR SURE and their creme bruille is not to be missed either.

  6. Meire Barbosa says

    He’s hours are from 10:30 to 6pm and he opens on saturday’s from 12 pm to 6 also.

  7. I’ve eaten a lot of hummus, baba ghannoug and falafel in my day at some good restaurants, but Taste of Greek is the best I’ve had. Their baba ghannoug, in particular has a wonderful grilled flavor that blends perfectly with the citrusy zing and isn’t the slightest bit “slimy” like some babas I’ve had. This place is really something special and has become my favorite food cart. And I go to a lot of them! Keep up the wonderful work, Taste of Greek!

  8. The best gyro I have ever had is right here. I eat here every time I am in the area. Seriously. Try it. I usually have the regular, not the super, because it’s big enough and doesn’t really need the feta to be amazing, but if you’re into feta, that’s good too. Stop by, try it, you won’t be sorry.

  9. Great food. Does not come up as a choice under Greek or Gyros. Please fix cross-reference!!

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