SE 20th and Morrison
Hours: Tues-Sat, 12-8pm

The Story:

Take a moped, one of those older ones that you can pedal, replace the front with a two wheeled storage chest and you have Treat Machine, a cart focusing on what’s simple – the taco.

The Treat Machine was built and is pedaled daily by Andrew who wanted to open a food cart with the smallest footprint possible. The modified trike with the two wheeled axle in the front is designed like a puzzle in order to fit all the needed items to run a food cart in the storage chest. This includes the propane tank, a water tank, the grill, utensils, and the food. Andrew joked he was glad Fred Meyer had liberal return policies when he built everything. He rides the Treat Machine daily, usually pedaling, unpacks and sets up for lunch. A great little gig.

Andrew specializes in vegan tacos with handmade masa tortillas, black beans, tomato, cilantro and red onion. Primary ingredients offered are avocado, mango, yam or plantain. Toss in the homemade chipotle garlic or ancho chili sauce and you have yourself a great little taco. I chose to get an avocado and a yam taco. Little chunks of yam were grilled along with the fresh tortilla. Mix all this together for a great lunch. The flavors of the fresh veggies and the cilantro and spicy sauces were just spectacular.

Treat Machine is a great concept – keep it simple and do right by the environment. Andrew is on to something there. I understand another machine is on the way, so keep your eyes peeled.  Drop on down to Treat Machine and enjoy one of his great little tacos and let him know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Tacos come with black beans, tomato, cilantro and red onion and are served on a corn tortilla.
  • Choose from avocado, yam, plantain or mango – $2 per taco or 3 for $6
  • assorted drinks available

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-8pm
Website: TreatMachine
Facebook: TreatMachine



  1. 3 for $6 doesn’t seem like much of a bulk discount on the regular $2 price…

  2. How about 6 for $12, and you can add as much hot sauce as you like?

  3. snap!

  4. SilverWings says:

    Pros: The TreatMachine tacos, fillings, and sauces were fresh and tasty. The quality of the ingredients used here is high and this place is not a taco roach coach cart. The woman who works there was friendly and helpful, and she has a good work ethic.

    Cons: The tacos are small. Even after eating three of them ($6) it seemed like only a light meal.

    Strange Pricing: Gee, your choice as you can pay $2 per taco or get a deal(?) by ordering 3 for $6 (which is of course the same as $2 per taco). No foolin. Don’t even need a calculator. Duh.

    I’m glad that I tried this cart (and I can only speak highly of the quality of the food) yet I like getting a bit more value as in portion size for my money which is I believe part of the allure of the food cart culture.

  5. bobby thomas says:

    Previous comments lost in webspace. Review of Andrew Cart: The two dollar taco is the new dollar taco. Fresh ingredients require some food cost. Tasty delectibles do not dot the landscape in the cart business in Portland. Andrew’s use of the small foodprint cart goes well with his high qualtiy, attractive treats. The multiple discount is a joke, go with it! Good food stands on it’s own and does not require multiple discounts. Andrews food meets the bill. Let’s hope he has the daring to multiply the number of carts and dot the landscape of Portland with his well conceived, well executed, well prepared gastrodelectible treats. Hurray Andrew, we need more higher quality choices. I don’t want to be stuffed, I want to be satisified.

  6. We had a mango taco the other week. Not only did we think it was delicious, but so did the toddler. Bravo!

  7. “Take a moped, one of those older ones that you can pedal”
    Don’t you mean all mopeds?
    If it doesn’t have pedals it’s either a motorcycle or a scooter!


  8. YES! These lil tacos are delicious. I ordered 3 and it was a decent meal size. All the ingredients were fresh and flavorful. His selection of sauces are also terrific.

    On another note, he’s got one killer cassette collection!


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