Killa Dilla


Location: N Interstate and Argyle in Kenton

The Story:

11pm on a Friday night and I needed to nosh. I knew there was a new cart downtown at SW 3rd so decided to pay Mason Goche (Go-Shay) and his Killa Dilla cart a visit. As I walked up, I asked what the specials were. Mason’s answer? “Fresh caught albacore my uncle dropped off….” Holy crap! Sold!

Killa Dilla has the cutest cart with the most awesomest sign/cart combo. 10 points just for presentation! Mason Goche opened Killa Dilla as a late night cart to serve Portland’s club scene. On the same block as Dante’s and directly across from both Voodoo Doughnut and Berbati’s Pan, Killa Dilla will do just fine. Mason decided to call his creation a “dilla” in order for people to have a familiarity with the item. Mason doesn’t serve Mexican food, more of a unique twist on a NW quesadilla. Oh, and no dill pickles either…

As stated, Mason sold me on the fresh line caught albacore tuna. He started with a large tortilla on the grill, then added Mozzarella cheese, the albacore and finally some cabbage, marinated onions and his secret tangy sauce. This creation, along with a little of his secret spicy sauce, was simply amazing. Hot, chewy, cheesy, and spicy. I only got a few bites when it was commandeered by another who never returned it. I’m glad I got what I did. This Dilla was truly a work of art and I can’t wait for another opportunity when I’m downtown late night looking for a bite to eat.

Let him know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Cheese Dilla – Mozzarella with special seasoning – $3
  • Chicken Sausage Dilla – Mozzarella with chicken sausage – $5
  • Albacore Dilla – Mozzarella with wild hook line caught albacore – $5
  • Veggie Dilla – Mozzarella, special seasoning, cabbage, marinated red onions, special tangy sauce – $5
  • Albacore Killa Dilla – Mozzarella, cabbage, marinated red onions, tangy sauce – $7

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  1. I was just there last week and did not see it. Will have to when I make it back there.

    I like the name because it reminds me of the late producer, Dilla. So judging from the review, is the “Dilla” part pronounced like quesadilla (dee-yah) or as it looks, like Dil-lah.? Either way, the food and cart looks cool.

  2. Got a little excited that this was tagged SE 3rd and Ankeny. But it’s SW.

  3. dieselboi says:

    Oops, sorry. Updated.

  4. is this only late night? no weekday lunch? thanks.

  5. SW… then that’s why I didn’t see it at the time 🙂

  6. Robin Morehouse says:

    Love the Dilla’s! The Albacore Dilla is oh so satisfying. Wish I didn’t live so far when I get a craving for one!

  7. Just late nights as of yet.

  8. I want to try this! A weekday lunch would be awesome!

  9. Liam O'Grady says:

    “seared albacore tuna
    on a warm, corn tortilla
    mira a la luna
    pasalo el vino”

    fishy fiddle blues (fish in fingernails?)

    if you go fishing on a fishing boat, let’s hope that fishin’ boat can sale~

    *best wishes*

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