Taqueria Los Arcos


Location: NE 102nd and Stark

The Story:

We all know that Portland has more than a few Mexican food trucks and taquerias. What sets one apart from another? Is it the way they prepare Carne Asada or Carnitas? Is it that they serve lengua (tongue) or cabeza (beef cheek?) Or is it that we actually need that many since we all crave tacos at least once a day? For Taqueria Los Arcos, what sets them apart from others I have been too was the service and the fresh homemade tortillas.

When I visited this cart out off SE 102nd and Stark, I had a memory that I had eaten at it before. I think it may have been located downtown for awhile up off SW 12th and Alder or in the vicinity. I was greeted by a nice young girl who politely welcomed me to the cart and took my order with precision and care. Her mother was there watching over her shoulder with a proud smile, allowing her daughter to shine on her own. So cute.

While I waited and took notes and used the truck to shield me from the east winds that can lower your body temperature in seconds, I peeked inside the cart to see the mother rolling up a ball of dough and placing it on the big wooden tortilla press and making my tortilla. Talk about fresh! From the looks of that tortilla press, it had seen a lot of tortillas in its time. Probably travelled a few miles too. The carnitas and lengua tacos that I enjoyed were hot, fresh and super tasty. I just love when I bite into a hot tortilla and get those flavors of cilantro, pork and flour. A tasty taco.

Taqueria Los Arcos is one of the numerous carts now open at the farthest east food cart pod at SE 102nd and Stark. If you are out there, give them a try and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

Choice of meats: pollo; asada; carnitas; pastor; lengua; chorizo, cabeza; tripa (tripe)

  • Tacos – corn tortilla with choice of meat, lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese – $1.50
  • Burritos – flour tortilla with choice of meat, rice, beans and pico de gallo – $4.50
  • Torta sandwiches – $5

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm
Phone: 503 995 8109



  1. When I went here, I was not impressed. They’re tacos mix the worst of the worlds of true Mexican tacos, and the bloody bell. Flavorless, soggy, and sloppy. Save your money and go to the barbecue place next door.

  2. Hailey is out of her mind, the BBQ truck is some of the worst Q in town, and Los Arcos are great.

  3. Stopped at this cart a week ago and it was beyond great! I ordered a chicken burrito and he ordered two different types of tacos and we shared. I am consistently disappointed with Mexican carts and restuarants. This one is good and if others claim not then it had to be an off day.

  4. Suzanne Brown says

    I love their tacos and I think they taste delicious and that they are the best.
    However, tonight I asked for them to put avocado extra on my Steak Taco
    and paid extra for it. I was very disappointed when I took my order back to
    my office they had forgotten the avocado and I paid for it. So other than
    that they are I think the best Tacos ever.

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