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The Story:

Ahh, German food. I am of German ancestry, so when I smell the brats or sauerkraut or see deli mustard, I get tingly inside and my mouth starts to water. We have a few carts here in Portland that serve up some German items, but now we have a roving truck that is all German all the time. I give you VanSchnitzels!

VanSchnitzels specializes in schnitzel sandwiches. A schnitzel is a pork or chicken cutlet that is pounded, then breaded and fried. Many in Portland know of the schnitzel either from the Rheinlander restaurant in NE or from Tabor and their famous Schnitzelwich sandwich. VanSchnitzels is owned and operated by Dan and Marsha who lived in Germany for many years absorbing German cuisine. They decided to buy a Kurbmaster Step-Van and make it a roving kitchen.

The day we visited VanSchnitzels, they were parked directly across from KoiFusion at the corner of W. Burnside at 4th. It was a cool photo to see two food trucks facing each other…dueling for customers. Marsha was very generous and gave us a sampling of three of her salads for us to try along with our schnitzel sandwiches. The salads – a marinated cucumber; a carrot and a German style coleslaw were wonderful. I am a big fan of marinated veggies and these salads hit the mark.

The schnitzel sandwich was just as I imagined – a pork schnitzel, pounded, breaded and fried placed on a roll with some lettuce and tomato. Dan recommended trying the homemade curry ketchup with the sandwich. I’m glad I did as it gave the sandwich a little kick. We enjoyed the salads and the sandwiches while sitting in the sun at the Car Wash Fountain just down the street and look forward to seeing VanSchnitzels in the neighborhood very soon.

VanSchnitzels is a roving truck, so they don’t have a permanent location. They have been at SW4th and  W Burnside, SW 15th and Salmon by Lincoln High and in SE at 26th and Holgate. To find their current location, you could follow them on Twitter or visit their blog. The great thing about being truly mobile is that they may show up at your local neighborhood street fair this summer. Willkommen to the jungle Dan and Marsha. Check out the VanSchnitzel schnitzel van if you are out and about and let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Schnitzel sandwich: pork or chicken – $6
  • Schnitzel plate with 2 sides – $8.50
  • Bratwurst – $4.50
  • Currywurst – $4.50

Sides – $2

  • French Frys
  • Spätzle (German noodles)
  • Red Cabbage
  • Marinated salads – cucumber or carrot

Hours: Lunchtime and other times depending on location.
Twitter: @VanSchnitzels



  1. Schnitzel… and spaetzel? And they occasionally operate right down the street from me? It’s like I’ve died and gone to Portland!

  2. Having grown up in Germany I was very excited about Van Schnitzels. But we’ve given up on ever eating there. After numerous false starts on location and opening, the couple of times we’ve gone to their location they’ve been closed, with no notice on either their website or twitter. Being as out of the way as they are, it’s not a good deal to show up and not have any food options.

  3. SilverWings says

    VanSchnitzel’s new location is at the new cart cluster off SE 50th Avenue just north of Division. Their pork ghoulosh sandwich at $4.50 was perfect. Lots of ghoulosh (I like that word) that was served on a bun yet a knife and fork were needed since the sauce broke up the bun. It was very tasty and a great value for the money.

    This new pod is starting to generate life. The other cart that was open yesterday was a Mexican cart (actually a converted bus) that had some killer shrimp and fish tacos among many other things. I had one taco @ $2 each. They were great and came with a good amount of food. FYI, the owner came up to me on the lot and his sincerity inspired me to order from him. Usually, I avoid most Mexican carts since so many have the roach coach flavor to the food. Anyways, if you see a big bus in the lot along the far fence, it has really good tasting tacos and the sauces were good too. BTW, the owner sampled me his fresh watermelon and cantelope juice. Both were great.

    At this location, another four carts were setting up and the lot owners informed me that many more are setting up soon. There is a large canopy in the center of the lot with tables for the rainy season.

  4. SilverWings says

    Sorry, typo on my previous entry about VanSchnitzel’s location in the SE. They are located South (not north) of Division. BTW, do not confuse this new cart pod location with another small grungy one nearby @Division and 48th Avenue.

  5. Loved the Van Schnitzel cart. We tried both the pork schnitzel plate ($6.50) and the schnitzel sandwich ($5?). The schnitzel plate had a very large piece of pork, served with mushroom gravy. It came with two sides—I chose spaetzel and red cabbage. Delish. The sandwich was great too! This cart is located in the new A La Cart pod, just south of Division on 50th. This cart does not take debit/credit yet. Two large canopies with plenty of seating. Lots of new carts!


  7. What are the street regulations on Roving Kitchens? Do they pay rent at each spot the go to, or can they just pull up to a parking lot and start serving?

  8. I’ve wanted to try VanSchnitzels for a long time, and I finally paid a visit, and it was also my first time visiting this pod too. I tried their Schnitzelwich (which was $6.50) and the schnitzel itself was bigger than the roll it was in, which was great. But that allowed me to have a taste of it before having it with the lettuce, tomato, and sauce of choice (you can have mustard, mayonaisse, or curry ketchup, or none.) I chose curry ketchup and could’ve added more to where it didn’t overwhelm.

    Despite it being cold outside and the 20 minute drive back to my hotel, it was still good as is and nothing got soggy or weak. Next time I’ll have the schnitzel plate so I can have some of the spaetzle on the side. Which means yes, I approve, and next time I’ll have it under the tent in the hopes of catching whatever music may be playing at the time. Thank you.

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