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Eat a lot! That is the saying in every Korean home when you sit down to a meal. I love it! I think it should be my mom’s dinner statement since she always tries to get one of us to finish off everything left on the table….we usually do. I had the pleasure of meeting Timber and Ali, the owners of a new Korean snack cart named Yogio up at North Station. Timber and Ali were so welcoming and happy to see not just me, but every customer that walked by. That, my friends, is a success story in the making. When a cart owner engages with the crowd, the sky’s the limit.



I spoke with Timber for a few minutes about the type of food they were offering at Yogio so I could better understand what I was eating. I have never had the pleasure of traveling to Asia, so food is my one connection. How can you beat that? Timber is from the midwest and cut her teeth in the kitchens of Chicago. After getting burned out as a head chef, she traveled to South Korea for a year to teach English and “eat her way through Asia.” She had always wanted to open a food cart and being in Korea narrowed down her passion for the type of food she wanted to serve. In Korea, Timber met some Korean moms who taught her different recipes and food tricks so Timber could learn to cook the Korean way. Her goal was to keep older culinary traditions alive which is pretty darn admirable.

On my first visit to the bright pink graffiti-ed cart, Timber and Ali treated me to a full plate of their dishes. I was able to try the Rock, Paper and Scissors. Each of these items were unique in their own special way. All vegetarian and all something I have never tried before. The Rock (to the left in the photo) is a twist on bibimbap with the bibimbap vegetables stuffed inside seasoned rice which is then seared off in sesame oil and wrapped in gochujang (Korean chili paste) and seaweed. The Paper (in the middle) are savory Korean pancakes normally served in bars which are sometimes stuffed with different fillings. The Scissors, or dokpoki (in the cup) is thick rice cake noodles simmered in a sweet and spicy sauce and are the mac ‘n cheese for kids of Korea. I enjoyed it all. The seared rice and the secret filling of the Rock was a highlight of the meal. The texture of the seared rice and savory insides made me want to go get a whole plate of them. I loved that each item stood on its own and could be ordered indivually. A home run.

Timber and Ali have something unique here we haven’t seen yet in Portland – Korean snacks. The North Station is becoming the cart pod to visit these days with a new cart showing up almost daily. I love their catch phrase “Eat a Lot!” and Yogio means “I am here.” Well, yes you are! I want to welcome them to my neighborhood and to Cartland. When you visit, say hi and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

[Yogio graciously provided Food Carts Portland the food profiled here without charge. Thank you Yogio.]

[Update: Yogio has moved to their own spot on NE 21st and Alberta in March 2011]

Sample Menu:

  • Rock: bibimbap veggies wrapped in seasonal rice seared off in sesame oil wrapped with gochijang and seaweed – $4
  • Paper: traditional Korean savory pancake with fresh veggies served with a little crack sauce – $4
  • Scissors: thick rice noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce – $4
  • Nude Kimbap: seasoned rice wrapped in seaweed – $2

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-6pm
Phone: 479 236 1452
Twitter: @Yogiopdx Facebook: Yogio on Facebook
Website: http://yogio.weebly.com



  1. Rockne Helms says

    You owe it to yourself to stop by Yogio’s and sample up on their simple menu. You’ll be glad you did because after the first time, you know you’ll be back

  2. The rock is a perfect chunk of food. Rice stuffed with veggies and deep fried, wrapped in nori paper with a schmear of chil paste. I bought two last night, had one at dinner and took one to work today for lunch. It reheated beautifully. The crack sauce served with it is perfect.

  3. I’d been anxiously awaiting the opening of this cart for quite some time. Having known Timber a while, I knew of her love of cooking, but her adventures in Korea brought back a need to share this food with Portland.

    I had the opportunity to try both variety of the Scissors on opening day and I was not at all disappointed! I’m a huge fan of Kimchi and the Korean red pepper on the spicy version is not overpowering in the least and gives the veggies and thick noodles a refreshing kick.

    The sour and spicy version was tangy and full of flavor. The veggies and noodles soaked up the sauce and had me pacing myself or I’d inhale the salty goodness.

    I’m looking forward to the next trip to try the other items!

  4. I really, really wanted to be a fan of this place but it really fell short. Maybe they had some kinks to work out?

  5. Holly,
    I am sad to hear that we didn’t meet your expectations. I would appreciate any feedback that you have. I am also curious what dish you tried. We hope that you will come back and give us another try.

  6. Went last week after I saw this post because I HAD to try their ‘dokpoki’ (scissors), and went back this week to get the Rock again, it is GREAT… a satisfying crispy fried rice ball with spicy sauce! I also noticed they have Ramen and Jab Chae on their menu now, plus drinks and little snacky treats (I had a drink made with ginger and brown rice syrup, I think it was called “woohoo drink”). The Refuel Station North pod is a great destination, lots of choices…

  7. mmm .. rock … so good!!

  8. wow! Bland Korean food?? I never would have thought it was possible. But then, this is not Korean food. A little kochujang and Kim does not make something Korean folks.

  9. Michelle says

    As a meat eater I was a little skeptical to try a vegan, gluten free place. But Yogio is AWESOME!! The rock is my favorite item, but all dishes are delicious. Timber is more than happy to accommodate special request. I asked if they had some protein-ish things and she grilled me up some tofu with vegetables to go with my Rock. The rock is truly unique, itโ€™s perfectly fried with a spicy chili sauce and then wrapped in sea weed. I encourage everyone to give it a try. If you don’t like the rock…there’s something wrong with you.
    On another note, I appreciate that their location has outdoor and indoor seating (since we all know it’s STILL raining lately).

  10. tara:
    You are correct Kim and gochuchang does not make Korean food. What makes Korean food is not just ingrediants but passion, heart, and understanding of the culture. Yogio! has all of those ingrediants.
    I would like to know what you had that was bland so i can better understand your comment and evalute what needs to take place to provide flavorful enjoyable food to each customer.
    Our passion is to present Korean food that is not common in Pdx and the USA. I fell in love with some many of the dishes while living in Korea. Those are the dishes that we want to present to PDX. Korea is not just kimbap, bibimbap, and bulgogi.
    I hope that your next experience will be tasty.

  11. It was fantastic to have gluten-free noddles but I would LOVE a less spicy option for the scissors. It seems like it would be easy to just offer is different sauce choice.


  12. had the scissors here a few days ago and I really liked the flavor and texture. great dish! only problem is pricing/serving size. $5 for a 12oz coffee cup that’s about 3/4 full of noodles and a smattering of veggies(primarily cabbages..) is a bit out of line. I could see that price if there were a protein in the dish, otherwise it soured my opinion of the dish/cart.

  13. I was feeling sick about a week ago and Timber suggested that i try the What What? It was really good and I feel like it made a difference in my body being able to recover from being sick. I highly recommend this cart to anyone that appreciates amazing food that makes their body feel good!

  14. OwlNecklace says

    lucky thing the thai cart was closed monday otherwise i would have never had the joy of not only eating delicious food but also meeting a very passionate and beautiful food arteest.
    Yogio is the new black

    [you’re necklace is in the works…]

  15. Minty Fresh Content says

    I’m in love with Yogio’s food. After spending a short week in South Korea many years ago, I often crave bi bim bap on a rainy, gray PDX day. Yogio’s does their bi bim bap as authentic as you can get (without having the stone pot). And that’s not all. The “Rock” is one of the most imaginative concepts in street food around. Although how can you NOT love a crunchy fried ball of rice stuffed with savory veggies and then wrapped in nori? Insanely delicious. Just when I’ve nearly run out of superlatives, I also must mention the spicy pork tacos. If they’re on the menu, don’t walk away without trying one. Flavor profiles that last for hours. YUM!

    Now the biggest mystery is where did you go? I went to the Killingsworth & Greeley location and you’re gone?!?!?

  16. dieselboi says

    Yogio has moved to NE 21st and Alberta

  17. I love Yogio and the lovely individuals who work there! There was a time when I went to the North station for food nearly every day and I could always count on Yogio for good food and smiles even when I wasn’t eating there. They have let me pay for a meal entirely with nickles and dimes, made me delicious watermelon juice even when it was out of season, and put a candle in a “rock” for my birthday! Love that place! Even though Alberta & 21st is further away, I’m makin’ the trip out there just to see them ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. yogio hours have changed…
    wed 4~730pm
    thurs 4~midnight
    fri n sat 1230~3am
    sun 1230~730pm

    also have tatet tot bowls late nights

  19. The food being good is the only positive thing I can say about this place, although I’ve only eaten there once. All my other attempts have fallen through for some reason. They’re not very dependable. First of all, they have terrible hours, not opening until 12:30 (IF they even open on time) and being closed two days right in the middle of the week (Tues and Wed). I went by once at 12:40 and it wasn’t open yet and they said it would be another 10 minutes because “things were heating up.” You open at the crack of noon-thirty people! The last time I went by at 1:15 on a Friday, they didn’t have any pork, and told me “it takes a while.” They know their hours, they should be able to open on time with things ready to go. The smug attitude doesn’t help win me over. Professionalism seems to be lost on what could be an outstanding food cart. I won’t be risking another disappointment.

  20. I stopped by your cart last week and it was closed during the posted open hours. =( I loved coming to your cart when you were over here in our ‘hood at Killingsworth and Going. Now it’s a trek which I’m happy to make but if the hours aren’t consistent I can’t keep it up. Gonna try again tonight…fingers crossed!

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