La Casita

Loco Locos

Loco Locos

Location: SW 5th and Harrison inside the parking garage.
Hours: Weekdays, lunchtime

The Story:

Mexican cuisine

Hours: M-F for Breakfast and Lunch, sometimes open until the late afternoon.


  1. Mediocre? The burritos are tasty and cheap. Try one of their fajita burritos.

    They also have a huge selection of breakfast burritos.

  2. Good to know. I will need to try them again based on your recommendation. And thanks for the breakfast tip. I wish more carts had breakfast (well served during dinner hours too, but that is a different story)…

  3. The real draw for me is their habanero and tomatio sauces. You have to ask for them specially (normally only the “green” or “red” sauces are offered) and they’re perfect if you like spicy food.

  4. I’ve had mixed results at this cart, however, their small tacos are usually pretty good. The carne asada is worth a try.

  5. Patricia Shaddock says:


  6. Mediocre?? You, my friend are mistaken. Loco Loco has hands down the best tacos and burritos in the greater PDX area. Anyone who eats knows.

  7. Loco Locos has some of the best, most consistent burritos I’ve ever had. Fast, cheap and tasty.

    For those who say mediocre, where do you prefer?

  8. Food is alright, but I’m appalled by their unethical business practice that takes unfair advantage of customers.

    They’d gladly accept tip for nothing, yet they refuse to accept their own fees as a cost of business and charge customers a surcharge for using his credit card.

    Surcharging is prohibited by VISA & MasterCard contract, but they ignore it and unethically tack on these fees on your receipt. Their justification was “there are worse offenders out there”.

  9. Cart on 5th is now gone.

  10. I went to a party and had the best burritos I had ever had. I inquired and was told they came from the Locos Locos cart. I would like to order in mass. Does anyone know how to contact the cart owner prior to a purchase?

    I work and live a distance away. I would be greatful if a regular would be so kind as go get me a contact number.

    Thank you in advance for your help. Gail

  11. Just my tastes, but they’ve got the best burritos on the Alder lot. Try the carnitas. The meats don’t have the gross, chewy wads of fat that other carts (Chinto’s) have, the red sauce is really good, and they use rice in their burritos.

  12. Goateeman says:

    Best burritos hands down……….Breakfast burritos are excellent and cheap!!

  13. Best tacos in the greater PDX area my butt! This cart panders to the white masses who are too scared to order a taco in spanish. If you want a good taco, go to Gresham. It’s the closest to Mexico City you can get.

  14. Their burritos are so good, I love this cart not because of how good it is but how fast they are, as you said.

    Dude: I didn’t even know this cart accepted cards? I’ve always paid w/ cash.

  15. Zipperneck says:

    I went to locos locos last week and got the chicken and carne asada tacos. The flavor was outstanding and the price was great. this is the firt cart I have tried in this pod. I shall be back for more.


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