Meetup at Mississippi Marketplace – Saturday

Food Carts Portland

Hey everyone, we’re having a little get together at Mississippi Marketplace this Saturday. Our hope is that you’ll want to come out, try some amazing food, maybe a beer from PROST! and say hi to me (Dieselboi) and Cuisine Bonne Femme. We have a bonus for you also. The first 50 people to come say “Hi” will get a free cupcake from The Sugar Cube, an amazing dessert cart in the pod. We’ll be the ones with the balloons.

Mississippi Marketplace is located at the corner of N Mississippi and Skidmore and is the host to nine food carts that serve a range of dishes from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Anchored by PROST!, a German pub, you can enjoy your cart food while imbibing a tasty German beverage.

Hope to see you there.

Food Carts Portland Meetup
Saturday, March 20, 2-4pm
Mississippi Marketplace, N Mississippi and Skidmore
Rain or Shine (they have awnings)



  1. Ex-yelper says:

    Wow. This used to be a pretty decent page to gleen decent carts from a fairly unbiased food journalist’s perspective. But now? Nothing but a mouthpiece and pr rep for special intrests. Food be damned! Hype our friends! Kinda’ wondered how long it would take to sell out… Sad day.

  2. Yikes, really a slow day on the conspiracy-nut front, I guess? Gotta watch out for that nefarious food cart cabal and their lobbyist thugs.

    Why would someone start a site about food carts in a city unless they were fans, even boosters, of food carts and that city in general? Doesn’t mean they declare every cart great–nor too many no good. They put the info out there, you use your mouth to decide. Or to spew bile, your choice, I guess.

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