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Location: NE 7th and Killingsworth at Piedmont Station

The Story:

Updated September 2015: Saucy’s has reopened at Piedmont Station on NE Killingsworth. The following is from 2010. More details to come.

North Portland is getting a second Pod. Up at the intersection of N Greeley and Killingsworth, a developer has taken an abandoned gas station building and turned it into a pizza place with a lot to support about 10 food carts. The first carts arrived back in December and I first heard of Saucy’s via Byron Beck, who seems to live close-by based on his tweets and blog posts. Last week on a sunny January day, we decided to visit and see what they had to offer.

Saucy’s is a BBQ cart specializing in rib, fish and hot link sandwiches along with coleslaw and potato salad. When you arrive, you see Rick, the owner, either packaging up a plate for a customer or tending to the BBQ to the side of the cart. The smell is divine and immediately gets your belly growling. The best part? Almost everything on the menu is $2. So I had to try it all…

bbq food cartWe picked up a rib sandwich, a hotlink sandwich, a potato salad and a fish plate which included fries and coleslaw. All for $14. And it was even a bit too much for me. I dove into that rib sandwich with gusto. I grabbed a cloth napkin in order to allow for the sauce to get everywhere. A nice thick piece of pork rib with the bone included between a nice simple roll. I just grabbed it and didn’t put it down until I was finished. A perfect rib with a great sauce that fell apart in my mouth. Super tasty.

bbq food cartThe hot link sandwich was a Louisiana hot smothered with the same BBQ sauce that the ribs are cooked in. After the rib sandwich, I was a bit full, but powered through. I also got to nibble on the fish plate which included fried fish pieces, thick cut fries and coleslaw. A good portion for the price and a great meal.

Saucy’s is open Monday through Friday from lunch through dinner and for those prices you gotta check it out. I’m excited for the growth of the Pod and hope the new carts have the early success that Saucy’s has had. Go grab a rib sandwich and indulge. When you do, let them know Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Rib sandwich – $3
  • Fish sandwich – $2
  • Hot link sandwich – $2
  • Coleslaw or potato salad – $2
  • French fries – $2
  • Ribs, roll and salad – $8
  • Fish, fries, roll and salad – $7
  • Rib slabs available with sufficient notice – $25

Hours: Monday through Friday – 11am-6pm; Saturday – noon-6pm; closed Sunday
Phone: 503 807 7015



  1. I stopped by Saucy’s with the bride last week, just catching Rick before he closed, and he mentioned that he’s going to be open a bit later starting soon. Hopefully he’ll be able to capture some dinner business, ’cause I thought his ribs were seriously delicious and a great value.

    More carts are appearing at the NoPo pod now, too. I saw a new Mexican cart and a cart with flyers featuring burgers being worked on this morning…

  2. Have been driving by the new food cart pod on greeley and killingsworth for a while now on my way to and from work. Today I finally stopped and am glad i did!!
    While waiting for my waffle sandwich from wicked waffles (it was fabulous) I was drawn over to SAUCY’S by the alluring smell of BBQ. Ended up buying a rib sandwich (to go with my waffle sandwich) and OH MAN!!! Best ribs i think i have EVER had!! I will be definately going back for more! Actually tempted to go back for dinner tonight!

  3. Stopped by there yesterday at Noon and 4:30pm and at both hours only 2 stands were open….frustrating….guess it was because it was Monday?

  4. We ordered the rib, roll and salad to share between two. Three chunky ribs in a lovely smokey, perfectly spicy sauce. Great deal, though one of these days I’m going to order a slab and eat off it all week long which will be an even better deal. Full-hearted recommendation, this guy knows what he’s doing and it’s on my way home from work. Yahoo!

  5. Jackie knight says

    Seen u on tv and seen u also do hotdogs to. Wanted to help u to put up one one other guy around u. I’m in Tennessee and here there was a place called burger house they had a hamburger that was famous. Owner passed on and kids let the business die. But the reason I mentioned this they had had hamburgers dipped in BBQ sauce that was so good that u didn’t put anything on it just a bun. I think u should do this and watch the people pour in. Make sure the sauce is not thick. And watch money pour in. Let me know what happens.

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