Food Carts and the Opera?

Cosě fan tutte

Cosě fan tutte courtesy Portland Opera / Cory Weaver

The Portland Opera has invited me and my wife to see Cosě fan tutte this Friday night at Keller Auditorium and provided us with a couple of free tickets. Cosě fan tutte is a Mozart opera described as “a deliciously ironic look at the foibles of love.” I attended my first Opera just last year and am excited to see another. It is a different musical experience than I am use to. Also, it’s Mozart! Since this is the Opera and a Friday night, it automatically becomes a date night out on the town. Normally, we would head downtown on MAX early to nosh on some happy hour items and sip cocktails at one of the closer restaurants and then maybe grab some nibbles after the show – again at a restaurant downtown. I was thinking though – could one incorporate food carts into the mix? The answer is yes, but…  Maybe visit one ahead of time for a light snack and then see some after the show for a meal. Granted, with the rain and the cold and being dressed up, one may not want to stand outside and wait for an order at 11pm. Being in a nice cozy booth is so much more comfortable. I wish they still had the open fire pit at Cartopia.

So, there’s my dilemma. Can one incorporate food carts into a night at the Opera or Broadway show? I think it can be done and I know the regular haunts for evening weekend crowds, but I want to hear what you think. I promise to report back.

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  1. Meh… it’s doable, but not nearly the same as a warm, cozy late-night restaurant visit. I don’t ‘cart’ much, but did so last week when I was parked downtown near some carts around 3rd & Alder. Went to the bar, ready to go home, but needed some grub. Went to the carts and found a thai place. Unfortunately, we waited…and waited…and waited for the food. Took forever, so by that time we were cold and a bit rained upon, so we took the food to eat in the car. Haven’t eaten in the car in a while, and that just didn’t work so well. Food wasn’t so good either. Overall, not a great experience.

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